Doctor Who – Past, Present and Future

Who is Doctor Who?

who_logo  At over 900 years of age, he has worn many faces, traveled with a variety of different companions and battled a cornucopia of villains.  Since 1963, the role of Doctor Who has been played by ten, soon to be eleven, different actors on television.  A twelfth actor, Peter Cushing, portrayed the Doctor in two cinematic films.  Each of these actors has molded the character a little bit, making it their own.  Each of these Doctors has been unique and special in their own way.  Every fan has their personal favorite.  I would like to spend the next few weeks exploring each Doctor individually.

The First Ten Doctors

The First Ten Doctors

Being cast in this role has been both a blessing and a curse to the men who have portrayed Doctor Who.  And each has had a profound effect on the role, in turn.   I will be profiling each Doctor individually.  For each Doctor, starting with William Hartnell, there will be a brief description of the Doctor and what makes each one stand out from the pack.  Then we will explore the ongoing issues between Doctor Who and the BBC.  Each post will also highlight some of the more memorable episodes from that particular Doctor and of course, their companions. 

I hope these profiles will help new viewers and fans become more familiar with some of the older Doctors that they have yet to discover.  They will also allow those of us who have followed the Doctor’s escapades for many years to remember both our favorite episodes as well as our favorite Doctor.  So stayed tuned.  William Hartnell will begin our journey through time.  Hurry back to see how it all begin.