Dollhouse Ratings and Spoilers

Alan TudykIn my post last week, I meant to mention a couple more things and then I got to waxing lyrical (for that read, blathering on and on) and completely forgot.

I have a word or two to say about ratings generally, and, in particular, about Dollhouse’s ratings.

Friday night’s ratings always suck. Being on TV on Friday nights is like the kiss of death. Most people go out on Friday nights. Look, I’m a total geek with no life whatsoever and even I’ve been known to go out on the occassional Friday night.

So that being said, even looking at the numbers, which went down from week one to week two, I don’t think they are that bad. Here they are: For the pilot the show averaged 4.72 million; for the second ep, 4.22 million. Honestly, I think that if over 4 million people are watching, that’s good. Think of how many other channels people now have to peruse, think of all the other things people are doing on Friday nights, think of all the people who will be watching later on their DVRs or on Hulu. Pray that Fox is also thinking of these things. Oh, wait, that last part was on my list of stuff I have to do after we get tonight’s ratings.

But my point remains, if Dollhouse can consistently keep ratings in the 4 million mark and, hopefully, push that number up closer to 5 million (or, even better, 10 million), I think that should be good enough for Fox. And if they ever call me back, I’ll tell them so.

Oh, another little fun tidbit I heard this week, and which you may already know about, is that the character of Alpha, the naked and occassionally blood covered person we’ve caught glimpses of during the last two eps, is being played by Alan Tudyk. I love this news. Not only do we get Wash back, alive and almost well, but he also gets to be some sort of a split personality person who, apparently, kills people randomly and then sits around on their coffee tables naked, watching their family movies.

Question: Does anyone else think that the dead and bloody bodies on the floor were possibly those of Echo’s parents?