Whedon’s Back on Fox

josswhedon3First of all, let me apologize. I haven’t been around for a while and all I can say is that life got in the way. But so much fun stuff has been happening in the Whedonverse and I just need to share. You’ve probably heard, but in case you haven’t, Joss has a new show, Dollhouse, which just premiered on Friday, February 13 at 9 pm on Fox. Each week, I’m going to be reviewing and/or recapping the eps. If you missed it on Friday, you can still watch the ep on Hulu.

I’m also going to link you to my Dollhouse review for the first ep at Watching CW.

Here is a link to Paul and Storm’s Geek Madness. What, you may ask, is Geek Madness? Well, here’s what their website says, “A 64-competitor single-elimination tournament to determine the first appointee to the new cabinet position of ‘Secretary of Geek Affairs.’” Both Joss Whedon and Felicia Day are winning, but they need your votes! Of course, once it’s Joss vs. Felicia, Joss wins.

2 thoughts on “Whedon’s Back on Fox

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    While some of his things are cool, I do not see dollhouse as one of them. First off he has Eliza Dushku as the main actress. This is a big mistake, she sucks at acting. She is nice to look at but when it comes to anything else, she is stale and lame. Actually other than that I have nothing. Although knowing Fox, they will market it bad and end up canceling it later this season.

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    Thanks for your comments. While I can’t completely disagree with you re Fox, as they are known to cancel shows before their time, and while Eliza would not have been my first choice, since I was never a Faith fan, I trust Joss. If you are willing to give Dollhouse some time (and if Fox does the same), I’m sure we’ll see magic. Cause that’s what Joss does.

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