Dollhouse: “It Isn’t Finished.”

Enver Gjokaj and Eliza Dushku from DollhouseHow do I love thee, Joss Whedon? Let me count the ways.

Episode 6 of Dollhouse, “Man on the Street” was just awesome. It completely lived up to all the hype, as I had hoped it would. What’s more, it’s not just me saying that. Not only were the ratings up, the reviews are great, as they should be.

First of all, you can tell that his episode is one that Joss had complete control over. This is the episode that should be have the premiere. This is the episode where the network execs finally backed off and let the show be exactly what it should be. It was all the things we’ve come to expect from Joss on his game, playful, with just the right dialogue, but also serious and fast-paced with an awesome fight scene and lots of plot twistiness. Plus, it makes you feel like you’ve jumped right into the middle of something big. You can pretty much feel the mythology wrap around you and you understand that there is an entire world here, that everyone and everything has a backstory, but we just don’t know it all. Yet.

The best part of all this, for me, was that my husband finally agreed to sit and watch Dollhouse. I was so glad it was this episode, because even he had to admit that the show is lovely indeed. On my second watch through (or was it my third), he was in the other room, but kept commenting, “That music is just perfect for this scene” or “It’s the fight, right? She just hit the car?” Even I can’t tell you how he knew that.

So if you haven’t see it yet, please watch it now: Dollhouse – "Man on the Street"