Dollhouse MySpace Contest

eliza2Before I forget, I wanted to let you all know about a contest over at MySpace. Eliza Dushku is looking for someone to design her MySpace page.

The winner receives a trip to LA and gets to meet Eliza!!!! Ten runner ups get Dollhouse gift bags.

The contest only runs through Friday, March 6, 2009, so hurry up and design your page. All the info is here at the Dollhouse MySpace page.

I wish I was capable, cause I would love to win this contest. But, honestly, it’s all I can do to just write a blog. I have little to no design skills at all.

So go win for me and then let me know how it was to meet Eliza.

3 thoughts on “Dollhouse MySpace Contest

  1. my space contest

    yeah i entered the contest it was a joke i think it was fake in every way they picked this dude way back in march and not telling any one on the myspace page, the contest it self was poorly done they still have it put the dude’s name up yet so i finally deleted my page i was the one with the red theme eliza profile his name is glenn who won the contest i think they already picked him and paid him ahead of time be very careful when you enter a contest this one was fun but iam still a little pissed off the fact they did say anything to us it was fake and a joke for all of us i think the rules said they fly to L.A.this month not back in march just a little pissed off next time do a contest do it the right way you suck eggs big time,and to glenn you are fake to and not letting no one see your profile you are not going to get nothing out of me to me it was just a fake contest hope your happy.

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