The New Doctor Gets A New TARDIS

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor

Rumors are flying that the new Doctor Who , Matt Smith, will be traveling in a completely redesigned TARDIS.  “It will be the most hi-tech, intricate TARDIS ever,” an unnamed source reported to the Daily Mirror on Tuesday.  It has also been rumored that Steven Moffat, the show’s new writer and executive producer, wants to separate himself from the way previous writer/producer Russell T Davies did things.  A new Doctor, a new companion, a new writer/producer  and a new TARDIS…so what’s next?

The Changing Look of the TARDIS

The article states that the big brass in the BBC have given permission to redo the interior as well as the exterior of the TARDIS.  It’s quoted as describing it as “a radical new look”.  This fills me with both excitement and dread.  It’s great to hear that the show’s progressing, continuing to grow.  That is a good indicator of the faith the BBC put it in.  As well as a hopeful sign for many more seasons of Doctor Who to come.  And yet, I worry. 

The console of the First Doctor's TARDIS

The console of the First Doctor's TARDIS

The TARDIS is an enduring symbol of Doctor Who.  That big blue box has been there since the very first episode.  It’s exterior has changed only a little through the Doctor’s ups and downs of the past forty five years.  I hope that it will remain basically untouched. I would hate to see them fiddle around or modernize what to me is an icon.

On the other hand, the interior has changed, for the better and worse, many times during that period.  I can plainly remember some of the more disturbing TARDIS console changes from the past, such as the Sixth Doctor Colin Baker’s blinding white, 80’s music video console room or the erector set version used for the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann’s movie .  Memories of them make me shudder.

Other Changes on the Horizon

The Eighth Doctor's TARDIS

The Eighth Doctor's TARDIS

The upcoming season of Doctor Who promises many changes. With Steven Moffat taking the helm, a new Doctor in the form of Matt Smith and a newly redesigned TARDIS, what else can we expect to change. I’m wondering about the intro. The opening and music, like the interior of the TARDIS, have changed many times in the past. I really like the current title sequence. It’s been updated a bit but still has some of the old Doctor Who flair. I am looking forward to see what Moffat does with it this time. If you’d like to check out some of the old opening title sequences from past Doctor Who’s, check this out.

The Fifth Doctor's console

The Fifth Doctor's console

There’s also the question of a new companion. Rose is gone. Donna is incapacitated. Nothing definite has been released to the press but the rumors are flying. Everyone from Georgina Moffett, who played the Doctor’s daughter in last season’s The Doctor’s Daughter, to Michelle Ryan, former Bionic Woman star who is starring in the Doctor Who Easter Special. It’s impossible to say at this point. Unlike the changes to the TARDIS, Moffat’s keeping mum about this one.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the new season of Doctor Who. The potential changes only pique my interest. Despite the specials that we have to look forward to in the coming year, 2010 seems a long way off. Until then, I’ll do my best to keep you informed on all the newest Doctor Who news. Oh, and the first installment of my in depth look at the past Doctors is coming soon. It all begins with William Hartnell.  So check back soon…

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  1. Doctor Cheatle

    I don’t want to dissapoint you but I don’t think Georgia Moffat will return on easter but it is comfirmed that she will come back as she has 3 regenerations left.

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