Delusional Over Dollhouse (and Loving It)

dollhouse-tv-series-1x08-needs-stills-gq-03I wouldn’t trade places with Joss Whedon for anything in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love Joss and I think he’s amazing and probably has a wonderful life. But here’s my problem. The guy gives his whole heart and soul to create an awesome hour of television, week after week after week. Yet he gets no love for this. Instead, people pick apart every tiny part of every little bit of every single episode.

Dollhouse is turning into something that’s great TV, but it’s cancellation is beginning to seem inevitable. Like a car sliding on the ice, you try to stop, you even think maybe you can stop, but no matter what you do, the car continues to spin out of your control until it finally makes impact. CRASH!! Sadly, I think that’s what’s happening here.

My husband has been calling me delusional, because I firmly believed that if I was watching the show live each week, somehow it just couldn’tbe cancelled. I’m still going to watch live. I’m still going to DVR the show each week so that I can watch it over a few times. (I actually have every episode still on my DVR and I don’t plan on erasing them any time soon.) I’m still going to tell everyone I know about Dollhouse and tell them to watch it. I’m still going to do my best to believe that Dollhouse will not only air the remaining five episodes, but that it will also come back to me for next season.

Maybe I am a little delusional.

2 thoughts on “Delusional Over Dollhouse (and Loving It)

  1. Eric Dorsett

    The rumor going around is that Fox is going to cancel Terminator and give Dollhouse a second season based primarily on positive reviews of the most recent episodes and that is costs less to make Dollhouse than any other show on their network.

    If the rumors are to be believed (and I hope they are) Dollhouse would be returned to the Monday time slot it was intended to have in the first place.

    I hope the rumors are true. I have been following them closely.

    1. Profile photo of BuffyGroupieBuffyGroupie Post author

      From your mouth to the Fox Execs ears. I really, really hope that’s true. Not that I’m not a little sad about TSCC, cause I like that show as well, but Dollhouse deserves the chance to do well in a better timeslot.

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