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jeremy7Sadly, there was no episode of Dollhouse on Friday, since they ran two eps of Prison Break. But it will be back this week on Friday and I can be patient.

In the meantime, I was thinking about how Whedonness has taken over the airwaves. This doesn’t just relate to shows that involve Joss Whedon, but for years now, whenever anyone involved in a Whedon show is on some other show, I have to point it out and get excited. And this doesn’t just mean the main characters, this has to do with each and every person who has ever guest starred in, or even randomly wandered through, a single ep of either Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel , Firefly or Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Now, that includes Dollhouse, too.

I thought it was only me, but just the other day, I happened to see a post over at Buffyfest showing that Spice Williams Crosby, who played a policewoman, a member of the Order of Taraka, on a couple of eps of BtVS back in Season 2, was also a random person in a chaotic prison scene in the last episode of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. So you see, we all do it. I also noticed both Kevin Christy (BtVS ep “Help”) and Eric Matheny (BtVS ep “Beer Bad”) on a recent Bones episode.

But let’s look at the landscape of television right now. Bones brings David Boreanaz (Angel) to our screens every week. Until last week, we had Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, with Summer Glau (River, Firefly and the Prima Balleria on “Waiting in the Wings,” Angel). We have Castle which stars Nathan Fillion (Mal, Firefly; Caleb, BtVS; and Captain Hammer on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog). Kal Penn has been guest starring on House for the past two seasons, and he was on both BtVS (“Beer Bad”) and Angel (“That Vision Thing”). Adam Baldwin (Jayne, Firefly and Hamilton, Angel) now plays a character on Chuck.

Then there’s that new ABC show, The Unusuals, starring Amber Tamblyn (Janice on BtVS episode, “All The Way”) and Jeremy Renner (Penn on Angel ep, “Somnambulist”).

Even some of the Dollhouse characters are other characters from different Whedon shows. Eliza Dushku was, of course, Faith on both BtVS and Angel. Amy Acker, who plays Dr. Saunders was both Fred and Illyria on Angel. Mark Sheppard was Badger on Firefly and is Tanaka on Dollhouse.

This are literally all just sightings from the last couple of weeks. I’m sure there are a dozen more. Possibly even two dozen. So I’ll give you all a short assignment for this week. As you’re watching TV, think about who you’re seeing, and make sure you jump and point and squeal – just a little – when you see a member of the Whedonverse.

2 thoughts on “Whedon Invasion

  1. Kent

    Don’t forget How I Met Your Mother, which stars BtVS’s Willow, Alysson Hannigan and Dr. Horrible’s Neil Patrick Harris, and which has guest starred Whedon alums Alexis Denisof (BtVS, Angel) and Morena Bacarrin (Firefly/Serenity). And if we count cable, Jewel Staite (Firefly) has been on Stargate Atlantis for quite a while …

    1. Profile photo of BuffyGroupieBuffyGroupie Post author

      Thanks, Kent!! How could I have forgotten about NPH and Aly on HIMYM?? I watch that show every week.

      Also, there’s Simon Helberg (Moist, Dr. Horrible) on The Big Bang Theory.

      It just proves how many Whedonverse people are out there, since I forgot six of them!! So, new assignment for everyone. Tell me who else I missed.

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