And Now There’s a Gun

alantudykFriday night on Dollhouse, less than 20 minutes into the episode “Briar Rose,” Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) turned a corner, knocked on a door, and suddenly, out of nowhere, the show went from amazing Whedoness to outstandingly incredible Whedoness. Because when that door opened, Alan Tudyk was on the other side and with his entrance, the show morphed into something spectacular with as yet unseen promise.

Look, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been on board with Dollhouse all along and as the episodes have aired, I’ve fallen in love more and more. I want to know what’s going to happen here. I want the show to have a chance to play out. But now, I’m having this small sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that goes along with unrequited love. Why, you may ask, doesn’t Dollhouse love me back? Well, it may come to love me in time, but unfortunately, I’m more and more afraid that we’ll never get a chance to find out.

I’ve watched this last episode over a good many times in the last 40 hours. I’m more and more excited about what we are going to see next week. I’d be happier if I thought that huge ratings for the final ep would be enough to get a renewal. But even so, tell all your friends to watch Dollhouse next Friday. All of them. Cause you never know.

Some great lines from this ep:
-This feeling, it’s very much like pride.
-Carrots, medicinal carrots, personally used for medicinal, carrots that were here when I moved in and I’m holding it for a friend.
-Recycled urine? I’m kidding. It’s not fully recycled.
-I’m not comfortable having people in my home who aren’t delivering Thai food.
-And now there’s a gun.
-I was nurturing a tender, throbbing hope that you’d give up, yes.
-This is clean and enclosed. I’m staying here.
-It’s a small world, I went to grade school with Jenna Elfman.
-Yes, there’s indignation enough for everyone to have seconds.

If you want more, go watch the ep, on Fox, Hulu or download it from iTunes. Please.

2 thoughts on “And Now There’s a Gun

  1. Profile photo of 2xKnight2xKnight

    I don’t know if I’d agree with your assessment of the earlier episodes, but the show is getting better.

    I liked Alan Tudyk as Alpha. I love to see him do comedic characters, so the environmental specialist character was great. I have to say that I was surprised when he made the switch to Alpha mode. Very pleasantly surprised. He went from goofy comic relief to a very intimidating villain that made me genuinely wonder who was going to come out of the episode alive.

    Poor, poor Helo. First he falls for a Cylon, now he finds out his girlfriend is a Doll.

  2. Profile photo of BuffyGroupieBuffyGroupie Post author

    True, I’m pretty much a Whedon fan no matter what, so even if (and I said “if”) some of the eps weren’t quite as amazing as they could have been, I remained positive. I felt certain that Joss was going to make this show awesome, and he has. My biggest issue in picking things apart in the beginning, and I could have, was that I wanted people to start watching and start loving the show. So I may have kept some things to myself.

    Alan is an amazing actor. I was already spoiled about his being Alpha, as many people were, but it didn’t even matter, because his change was still surprising and perfectly delightful. Its exciting to me that there’s even more to come this Friday!

    I know, I was feeling bad for poor Paul/Helo, too. He can’t seem to catch a break.

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