Dollhouse Finale

ddw-quantity-graph12Sorry for the so late post this week, but my laptop is now refusing to turn on and so my computer time has become limited. Therefore, any attempts I make at humor or even at making sense may not work out so well. Please keep in mind that it’s much harder for me to function very early in the morning or very late at night, which is all the screen time I’m getting lately.

So, I know I sound like a broken record of a rabid fan, but the Dollhouse season finale was really something else. Note that I’m calling this the season finale and not the series finale. I’m not yet ready to give up. I’m still waiting for the fat lady to sing and as far as I’m concerned, that hasn’t happened.

Just seeing the development of the show over the past few weeks, I know that Dollhouse has so much more to share. Alan Tudyk is like a god, like an acting god, the god of acting. It was amazing to watch him as he changed characters from one personality to another in seconds, and then back again.

There is still hope for Dollhouse. We may find something out even today, or at least by Monday. Plus, I’ve been reading reviews, something I’m always sorry I did after its too late to take back, and the general tone, although more hopeful, is still not of the best. But I’m still hanging with the optimists. In fact, as it turns out, according to a recent tweet I received from Buffyfest, I may be the new leader of the optimists in the Dollhouse Death Watch, since Michelle has apparently abandoned the cause. (If I could figure out how to paste that tweet in here, I would, but I can’t. )

I just wish they’d update the chart to show it! ;)

I’m editing this post to add a recent tweet from @miraclelaurie “decision on DH soon-make your voice heard 2day! contact:Peter Rice, Chrman of Ent @FOX Brdcstng. Leave a msg @310-369-3066 or”

GO DO IT!!!!!