In Bad Dreams Volume Two: Where Death Stalks

In Bad Dreams Volume Two: Where Death Stalks
I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading a pretty good horror anthology from Eneit Press, In Bad Dreams Volume 2: Where Death Stalks. According to their web site Enieit Press started with the first volume of this anthology. I wish them luck, I’d like to see more volumes of In Bad Dreams if they’re as good as this one.

I probably wouldn’t have found this book if it weren’t for another former 451 Press writer, Gillian Pollack. You may remember that name from my review of Masques, another anthology. Gillian edited Masques and one of her short stories appears in this book. (Look for another review of Gillian’s work soon, she also sent me a review copy of one of her novels.)

(Ed. Note: I received a copy of this book for review at no cost to me. )

My Opinion

In Bad Dreams Vol. 2 has some good horror stories, and a good variety as well. I don’t want to go through and review each story individually, but there are a few that I believe deserve to be mentioned.

  • Scent
    by Carole Johnstone

    A man on the run from something supernatural. He doesn’t know what it is, but the longer he avoids his pursuer, the more he learns.

  • Morphs
    by Ian Whate

    A story about monsters that could be disguised as anyone, and a man trying to hold on to his own humanity.

  • City of the Damned
    by Eric Ian Steele

    I enjoyed this one because it’s a story that would fit right into the Cthulu Mythos. Extremely disturbing and monsterous events set againts the backdrop of a quiet industrial town.

These short stories are well constructed and hint at a much larger fictional world. A few of trhese could easily be expanded into a novel, or even a series, and a good series at that. I’d love to read more about the worlds and characters in these stories.

As you can see I tend to prefer the monster stories. This anthology contains more than that though. It’s got good old fashioned ghost stories, alternate worlds and cursed objects. It’s even got realistic horror, because what’s scarier than us?


In Bad Dreams Volume Two: Where Death Stalks is a good horror anthology. Editor Sharyn Lilley did a good job with this anthology. It’s got a good variety of creepy stories. You may have different favorites than those I picked, but you will find something that you like.

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