Tiger Eye Part 1: Curse of the Riddle Box Review

Tiger Eye Part 1: Curse of the Riddle Box Main Menu Screen
Tiger Eye Part 1: Curse of the Riddle Box, based on the novel by Marjorie M. Liu, is aimed squarely at casual gamers. No cutting edge graphics, simple (but fun) game play, fairly short game time, but it can be bought for under $15.

Read on for screen shots and a more detailed review.

(Ed. Note: I received a copy of this game for review at no cost to me. )


The graphics are in a comic book style, which fits the game, but it’s looks dated. Don’t expect anything too fancy in the artwork. Gameplay screens are nice, the cut scenes kind of fall short. It’s not a big deal, but some of Marjorie M. Liu’s comic book fans may be disappointed by the style.

Game Play

Tiger Eye Part 1: Curse of the Riddle Box Puzzle Screen
The game consists of the casual/web game staples, hidden objects and puzzles. Most of them are a pretty entertaining way to kill some time. You’ll probably wind up using a couple of hints tracking down the hard to find pieces. Or maybe that’s just me.

The biggest problem with the gameplay is the complete lack of replay value. The puzzles are the same every time, there is no random element to them at all. It will be the same the second, third or fourth time through as it was the first time you played it.

That can be a good thing though…

You can jot down the solutions to the puzzles you needed hints on the first time and unlock the extras on your second time around. ( If you don’t want to use one of the walkthoughs found on the internet)


For around $7, the price of the most basic package that only includes the game, it’s worth it. There are some decent puzzles and an interesting story. Fans can get a bit more than the game if they’re willing to shell out a little more money. Even the platinum package, which includes the full soundtrack and a few other nice perks, only costs $12.99. It’s not going to break anyone’s bank.

There’s even a free demo, at the top of the passionfruit games Download page, that lets you play a few levels and decide if you want to buy it.

Random Giggles

I did find it pretty funny that ancient Chinese were-genies only grant 2 wishes…

Tiger Eye Part 1: Curse of the Riddle Box Death

or Sweet, Sweet Lovin’.
Tiger Eye Part 1: Curse of the Riddle Box Sweet Lovin'