High School of the Dead on Anime Network

High School of the Dead Anime Ep 1 Review UPDATED

High School of the Dead on Anime Network

I just finished watching the first episode of High School of the Dead on Anime Network. It was awesome. Sure there were a couple of problems, but the anime looks like it will live up to the bloody awesomeness of the manga. That’s saying a lot. The manga is a top-notch zombie story.

Update: Only the first 2 episodes will be available to registered members. To see the rest of the episodes you’ll have to pay.

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Update on Pricing

To see episodes #3-onward you’ll need to buy a premium membership to The Anime Network or rent the individual episodes from YouTube. You’ll be able to rent episodes for $0.99 on The Anime Network’s YouTube channel 7 days after they stream on The Anime Network.

Of course, if you want to save money, you could just wait until the series is almost finished then buy a 1 month membership. It would be cheaper than a buck per episode on YouTube.


A new semester of school has just started when the zombie outbreak begins. An odd assortment of students band together, accompanied by the school nurse. Can the group survive the strange and terrifying onslaught of the walking dead?

My Opinion

I’ve only seen the first episode, since it’s being simulcast, but I have high hopes for High School of the Dead. The manga is one of my favorites, and I was afraid that there would be drastic changes made. None so far, thankfully.

It’s gruesome and disturbing, a true horror anime. If you like zombie movies, there’s a very good chance you’ll love HSOTD as much as I do.

Of course, there are always problems.


The subtitles had a few errors, like substituting corps for corpses. I found that one pretty funny. I suppose you could say the zombie horde was a corps of corpses. That one stood out the most for me, the others were mostly composed of slightly odd phrasing.

Terrified Boobs

You don't need to see her face. Don't her boobs look terrified?

Inexplicable Fan Service

Sure the manga has fan service, but the way the anime handles it was a bit strange. Panty shots for no reason, focus on boobs at the expense of seeing a character’s expression, that sort of thing was kind of confusing. Luckily the violence and blood made up for it.

Blood and Guts

The manga, yes I am making that comparison again, was a bit more detailed when it came to entrails. The anime makes up for that by pumping out impressive amounts of blood. You’ll know when someone gets bitten by the red geysers splattering everything within a 200 meter radius.


It’s a bit too early to make any final judgements, but I can say that High School of the Dead is worth any zombie fan’s time to check it out.

I highly recommend signing up for the free Anime Network account so you can watch this show. It’s being simulcast, so it’s streaming over here very quickly after it airs in Japan.