Feed by Mira Grant

Interview With Mira Grant

Feed by Mira Grant
I contacted Seanan McGuire, author of Feed under the name of Mira Grant, to ask her a few questions. She was kind enough to respond with some answers.

Read on to find out about transmission vectors, some excellent casting choices and good advice for authors starting out.

Interview with Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)

FanaticSpace: Why Blogging?

Mira Grant: I wanted to work with the news and the development of new media. Blogging came naturally from there.

FS: Would you consider your zombies Living or Undead?

MG: My zombies are infected humans. They “resurrect” if killed once, assuming there isn’t too much physical trauma, but if you kill them a second time, they stay dead.

FS: Can we expect to see any main characters go Active?

MG: Read the books to find out!

FS: Do the Apple K-A testing units suffer from the iPhone 4 Death Grip?

MG: I have no idea what that means, I’m sorry.

( 2xKnight’s note: I’m not surprised. It’s really only news to gadget freaks and iPhone owners with faulty units. )

FS: You made a point in Feed about how little of the active virus it takes to send a person into amplification, so I have to ask… What about mosquitoes?

MG: I also made a point in Feed about how the KA virus particle is very large, because it’s a member of the Marburg family. You can’t catch Ebola or Marburg from an ordinary mosquito bite, because the virus is too big for that transmission vector.

( 2xKnight’s note: Whoops, I missed that. I’ll keep an eye out for it when I re-read Feed when book 2 comes out. )

FS: Do you have a zombie plan?

MG: Of course.

FS: Why do you think zombies are so popular right now?

MG: For a lot of reasons. They represent the fear of disease, the fear of contagion, and the fear of loss of identity, becoming, inevitably, part of whatever it is you fear and hate. We’re in a very uncertain phase of our history, and zombies are a good shorthand for our global concerns.

Also, they’re fun to shoot.

FS: What do you think the next hot character type will be? (excluding Vampires, Ninjas, Robot and Pirates)

MG: If I knew, I would be jumping on that bandwagon so hard. I like being able to feed my cats!

FS: Do you make any Convention appearances? If so, which Conventions?

MG: I attend a lot of conventions, and just got home from the San Diego International Comic Convention in San Diego, California and Spocon in Spokane, Washington (I was one of their guests of honor). My convention listing changes from year to year. I recommend checking www.SeananMcGuire.com, my primary website, for the rolling list of appearances.

FS: Have you considered licensing Feed and the Newsflesh series for Movies, TV or Games?

MG: I would love it if someone approached us about those rights, but that decision isn’t mine to make, unfortunately.

FS: Who would you cast in Feed for TV or Movies?

MG: If I got to influence the casting, I’d suggest Allison Scagliotti for Georgia, Jason Dohring for Shaun, and Nathan Fillion for Senator Ryman.

FS: You made a lot of Pop Culture references in Feed, can we expect to see any more familiar names in the Newsflesh series?

MG: You’ll have to read to find out.

FS: What celebrity or fictional character would you like to write as a zombie?

MG: Honestly, none of them. People have very strong ideas about celebrities and known characters, and I prefer to create my own.

FS: Are bloggers asking to be added to The Wall? Would you add them?

MG: Not yet, and probably not. I only have one book to go, I can’t let it read like a phone book!

FS: What kind of blogger would you be in the world of Feed?

MG: A Fictional, definitely. I write books, so that’s sort of my “in.”

FS: Will we see any stories set in the early days of K-A? Maybe the origin of The Wall?

MG: There’s a short story called “Everglades” coming in The Living Dead 2 this September, set during the initial stages of the outbreak. I’ll probably do some more stories in that time period. As for the origin of The Wall…George already explained that. I don’t think writing it out in detail would be all that interesting, since it was so organic, and happened so gradually.

FS: What advice do you have for authors just starting out?

MG: Never give up; never surrender. Write as much as you can. Get critiqued as much as you can. Learn to take feedback and editorial suggestions. And always, always read the submission guidelines.

Thank You Seanan

I’d like to thank Seanan McGuire for taking the time to answer my questions, even the weird ones.

If you haven’t read Feed yet, you really should. It’s an excellent book. I’m looking forward to the second book in the Newsflesh series, Deadline, due for release in May 2011.