The Walking Dead on AMC

The Walking Dead on AMC: Season 1 Thoughts and Links

The Walking Dead on AMC

AMC’s The Walking Dead had a short, but awesome, first season. Plenty of zombie action, with a side of real drama made The Walking Dead one of the best shows on TV. It’s gonna be tough waiting until October 2011, or thereabouts, to see where season 2 picks up. I’m dying to see where our group of survivors will go from here.

But let’s talk about Season 1…

The Walking Dead’s First Season

Season 1 of The Walking Dead focused pretty firmly on Rick Grimes, a southern deputy injured in the line of duty. We see a couple of scenes with Rick and his buddy, and fellow deputy, Shane before the world went to hell, but only enough to give us a small idea of what they were like in the good old days.

The world has changed, but have they? Was Rick this prone to seeking out danger? Was Shane an enormous ass-hat? We don’t really know. We can only guess at the differences of personality between what is and what might have been.

So far the only character that has been portrayed as a complete and total douche is Ed, other characters have had some small redemption. If not redemption, then at least a scene that stirs enough pity to offset their douche-baggery. (I’m lookin’ at you Merle.)

The zombies are great, and well done to boot. Sure, you can spot some zombie make-up here and there that just looks goofy, but even the movies with a decent budget has a few goofy looking background shamblers. AMC has more than made up for the undead extras who didn’t stay far enough in the background by showing us the disgustingly awesome stuff.

AMC has not pulled away from any graphic scene where I would expect them to. They’ve shown lots of splatter, blood, guts and brain matter. They’ve shown zombies feeding, and it’s aftermath in full gory detail. Kudos to AMC for having the balls, or should I say guts, to satisfy the gore-hounds.

The Walking Dead, Season 2 and Beyond

I believe The Walking Dead has room to get better. There seemed to be a few issues with the balance between drama and action in the first season. Season 2 will be even better if they can find, and maintain, the right balance of zombie action and character drama.

The Walking Dead follows in the footsteps of shows like Battlestar Galactica (2004), where a genre storyline was used as the setting for an excellent drama. Much like the plight of Galactica, the fate of humanity is questionable at best.

The characters of The Walking Dead don’t have the option of leaving their zombie filled planet behind to find one better suited to the living. All they can do is hang on and try to survive until someone, somewhere, finds a way to lay the dead to rest.

Links to Die (and Come Back) For

Here are a few links that might help with the long wait for Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

  • The Walking Dead page on AMC
    The offical AMC page for The Walking Dead. It has interviews, photo galleries and links to some great behind-the-scenes stuff.

    [#ff @WalkingDead_AMC]
    AMC’s Walking Dead twitter account.

  • The Walking Dead TV Podcast
  • Presented by the podcasters behind Legion of Dudes and Half Hour Wasted, The Walking Dead TV Podcast does an excellent job of covering The Walking Dead. The guys in the podcast are all fans of The Walking Dead comic book that the show is based on, so they have some pretty extensive knowledge of the subject.

    Don’t worry about spoilers though, these guys go the extra mile to make sure that the podcast is as spoiler free as possible.

  • [#ff @WDTVpodcast]
    WDTV Podcast twitter account.

  • Character Links on twitter

    Here are a few twitter accounts for characters in The Walking Dead. I’m not 100% positive that these are official, but I believe some of them are. I’ll mark the ones that I think may be AMC accounts.

    If you know for sure that one or more of these are Official AMC accounts, or you find more accounts for the list, let me know.

    Rick Grimes

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @Sheriff_Rick] [#ff @TheRickGrimes]

  • Lori Grimes

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @Lori_Grimes] [#ff @TheLoriGrimes]

  • Carl Grimes

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @Carl_Grimes] [#ff @TheCarlGrimes]

  • Shane

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @Shane_TWD]

  • Andrea

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @AndreaTWD]

  • Glenn

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @GlennTWD] [#ff @Glenn_TWD]

  • Merle Dixon

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @merleTWD]

  • Daryl Dixon

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @DarylTWD]

  • Some of the show’s more interesting twitter accounts.

    Generic Zombie

  • (AMC?)
    [#ff @ZombieTWD]

  • Buster The Zombie

  • (AMC? Doubtful, but possible.)
    [#ff @BusterTheZombie]

  • A Squirrel

  • (AMC? Who knows?)
    [#ff @Squirrel_TWD]

Go to the next page for the best twitter account, but beware, it’s very spoilerish if you haven’t seen the first season of The Walking Dead.