Jane Badler as Diana

Jane Badler Interview On EW.com

Jane Badler as Diana

Jane Badler as Diana

Jane Badler returns to V to re-invent her character Diana for the current series.

In an interview on EW.com Jane talks about her role in the sci-fi show’s reboot. While she’s at it she dishes out enough spoilers in 8 questions that you might not need to watch this season of V.

Sounds like a weird way to promote the show, but it got me interested again. I haven’t been interested in the new version of V since the second episode. I just could not get into it.

Jane Badler’s return may be enough to bring me back for another try. I would be interested to see how the character has changed.

Here’s a link to the interview. (Spoiler Alert)

‘V’ teaser: talks about her return | Inside TV | EW.com.

I usually hate spoilers, but I’m glad I read these. I’m interested to see how this works out.

I’m off to see if Hulu has last season online.

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      I agree, she is a very attractive lady. Her looks were used to great effect in the original V, making her character’s “real” appearance even more unsettling.

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