Cover of Deadline by Mira Grant

Deadline by Mira Grant

Cover of Deadline by Mira Grant
The last time we saw the crew of After the End Times, they were a dominate, albeit new, online news site. Uncovering conspiracy, shouting truth at the world and poking dead things with sicks. (Gotta have some fun, right?) Things started going bad. Don’t worry, no spoilers, but in a world where the dead stand up and chow down on the living… saying things went bad means they went very bad indeed.

Deadline does a damn good job of picking up where Feed left off. After The End Times survived, they run things a bit differently now, but they’re hanging on. They’ve even managed to grow. Adding more Newsies, Irwins and Fictionals to the roster.

That changes when they get an unexpected visit from a doctor on the run. All hell breaks loose, and they’re in the middle of it again.

My Opinion

I was planning to re-read Feed before jumping into Deadline, but I just couldn’t wait. I don’t think that hurt my enjoyment of they story, and it may have helped. The tone of Deadline is somewhat different from Feed. The excitement and determination is still there, but there’s a new sense of desperation and an overhanging cloud of doom. Understandable, considering the shocking way that Feed ends.

I was a bit surprised by turn of the story that seems to contradict something that the author said in an interview with FanaticSpace. Was I on to something, or did the story change sometime after the interview? Doesn’t matter, it works. The suspense gets cranked up and it makes the story better.


Deadline is a must read. I can’t recommend this series highly enough. If you haven’t read Feed, get it and Deadline now.

You’ll thank me later.

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    Cool! It sounds like a dark turn of events and maybe you did guess a little too close to the author’s plans in that interview! Fun! :)

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