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FSPC 004 – James Knapp on Revivors

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Interview With Revivors Series Author James Knapp

Our first Podcast interview and a great show. I got a chance to talk to James Knapp about his Revivor Series, which I loved, and I’m sharing it with you.

It’s the least I could do after all you and I have meant to each other, right?

  • James Knapp shares some of the background of the story, and his efforts to get it published. I gotta say, I was surprised how quickly it sold.

  • We talk about the Revivor Series’ similarities to some classic Science Fiction.

  • James reveals that one of the characters may be returning for another story.

  • James reveals a new pen name he will soon be using.

Extra: I even talked to him about my favorite parts of the series, spoiler filled goodness below (for logged in members [it’s free]).


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2 thoughts on “FSPC 004 – James Knapp on Revivors

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    I just listened to the podcast with James Knapp, and as his no.1 fan I have to say that I loved it. For some reason it always seems a little disconcerting when I read a book, or in this case a trilogy, and the author turns out to be a real human being. Writing a book seems like a supernatural power to me, especially when I love the books as much as I did these. Mr. Knapp takes you into the future and it is not a future that I want to see come about. His revivors are scary but the caste system in his future world is even scarier. These days poor people can at least say that there will be plenty of time to rest when I am dead, but not in his vision of the future. There, poor people are revived from their rest and made to fight wars. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure if that is any worse than now. We take young men who haven’t had a chance to live and send them off to fight our wars. Hmmm, this book sure gives you a lot to think about, but that is only because it is so well written. Thank you Mr. Knapp for the hours of enjoyment I had reading your book.

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