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FSPC 005 – Ernest Cline Gets Geeky

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UPDATE: Added links to Ernest Cline’s Site, and a link to RP1 on Amazon.

UPDATE 2: Added a correction to the show notes of a mistake I made in the podcast.

This weeks podcast contains another interview. This time we talk to Ernest Cline. Ready Player One comes out August 18th, but you can listen to what the author thinks about the book now.

Geek TV Shockers

  • I share a few of my thoughts on the news of Frank Darabot’s departure from The Walking Dead.

  • A great article from The Hollywood Reporter about AMC’s efforts to undermine their own programs.

  • I’m shocked by the news that SyFy canceled Eureka. (Watch out Warehouse 13!)
    Correction: Looks like they’re not even going to do the 6 episodes they had originally ordered, it’s just cancelled.

Ernest Cline Gets Geeky

  • Ernest Cline stops by the show, in spite of major screw-ups on my part.

  • Ernie talks with us about his book Ready Player One (coming out August 18th), and we discuss his movie Fanboys.

Spoiler File for Registered Members, Ernie talks with us about some of my favorite parts of Ready Player One.

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I highly recommend reading the book first. This episode of Spoiler Alert will still be here when you’re finished.


4 thoughts on “FSPC 005 – Ernest Cline Gets Geeky

  1. Profile photo of RindaRinda

    I love your Podcasts! They fun, geeky and so damn interesting. You talk about the stuff I love…books, TV and movies! It doesn’t get much better than that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Profile photo of RindaRinda

    Typo Alert! lol
    “They ARE fun, geeky and so damn interesting.” Apparently I get so excited writing about your podcasts that my brain works faster than my fingers. Sorry! Btw, I love the guest authors you’ve had on your show. As a writer, it’s really great to hear from successful authors from the genres I love. :)

  3. Profile photo of MadonnaMadonna

    Haven’t read this book yet ,but after listening to the interview with the author I can not wait to get started. The interview was so funny in places that I laughed out loud. He was so enthusiastic talking about the book that you can’t help but want to read it after listening to him. It is going to be really hard not to listen to the spoilers before I finish this book. Got to go. Got me a book to read!

  4. Profile photo of MadonnaMadonna

    Finally, I read the book and I have to say that I absolutely loved it! I listened to the podcast with the author and he seemed to get excited just talking about it. It was a real treat to hear him talk about the book but reading it was even better. The way took things that were so wonderous at the time, but have since become things that seem so lame after all the advancements and made them seem wonderful again was a real joy for me. It was an exciting and thrilling walk down memory lane. If you haven’t read this book yet I recommend that you get started, you won’t be sorry.

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