About 2xKnight

Me timbers, shiver ‘em.


My name is Jason Wigley, but I usually go by 2xKnight online. I’ve been a geek pretty much all my life. If you want to know more about me, and why I started this site, just take a look at some of my interests.


I’ve had an interest in computers for as long as I can remember. My first computer was a Commodore 64. No hard drive, or even a floppy drive. Nope, you had to program that one yourself. Once it was shut off, the program was gone. Not too useful, but it was fun enough to get me hooked. Later on I studied computer programming at a local college. Though I never got that piece of paper, it renewed and expanded my interest.


I’ve been hooked on sci-fi, fantasy and horror for almost as long. As soon as I learned to read I started in on my sister’s books. She was a Stephen King fan and, thanks to her, so am I. For several years while I was in school I would read The Lord of the Rings at least once a month. Starting with The Hobbit and going through to the very last appendix of Return of the King. My love of reading has only grown over the years.


With a strong basis in fantasy and science fiction, comic books were a natural progression. I love that form of story telling. I was hooked through my teens, buying stacks of comics every week. The comics I bought regularly were mostly comics from Marvel, such as the X-Men books, Iron Man and West Coast Avengers. I also read quite a bit of Archie, so it wasn’t all heroes, I would read pretty much any comic I could get hold of. When I got Internet access I got hooked on web comics. How could I not? So many great ones out there and they’re almost all free.

Television and Movies

My love of SF, fantasy and horror have influenced me in my viewing habits as well. Yes, I am a fan of Star Trek. I love Star Wars too, but it didn’t get me as young. I kinda have to love or hate the Friday the 13th franchise. My name is Jason and I was born on the 13th. I love ‘em. Yes, some of them are horrible, I know. Parts 5 and 8 are my least favorite. They just diverged too much from the foundation of the series. Oh, yeah the series. I liked it. I know it had nothing to do with the movies, but it was still good.

Anime and Manga

I love cartoons in any form, anime included. I can remember watching anime at a very young age. Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets are some of my earliest memories. I started up an anime and manga blog for 451press at AnimeFansOnline.com. As of this writing it’s still fairly new, but I have high hopes for it.


Living in a fairly rural community it was hard to be a part of fandom. Thanks to the Internet and my significant other I’ve finally gotten involved. I attended my first Con a few years back, thanks to Linda. We went to VulKon in Atlanta, where I had dinner with General Martok from DS9. Fanboy dream huh?

Meeting Kane Hodder at Dragon*Con.

I saw the name Kane Hodder, and knew I had to go to Dragon*Con.

My con days could have ended there, but I saw a flyer for Dragon*Con. I geeked out pretty badly reading it. A lady working at VulKon thought I’d seen Traci Lords’ name on the flyer. Bzzzzt! Wrong. I saw the name Kane Hodder, and knew I had to go to Dragon*Con.

As much of a fan of Trek as I am, I had only one goal in mind that weekend. Get my hockey mask autographed by the best actor to play Jason Voorhees, and the only one to do it more than once. We’ve gone to Dragon*Con every year since.

Thanks for the interest.