About Shiny1

Pat deVarennes

Shiny1 is often known as Patricia deVarennes. She loves genre fiction, movies, TV, as well as really dry non-fiction, TV and film documentaries. From her years as an occasional stringer for Cinefantastique, she developed a fascination for special effects and “B” films. She also has two Executive MBAs, one of which was most useful in helping her to finally understand her 401k. She’s finally learned to play video games in her middle age, and has come to accept that she can’t stop filking.

Writing Credits

(Writing as Patricia Ross or Patricia deVarennes)


“Wrapped Up in White Linen & Cold as the Clay” Chilled to the
Bone – w/Gregory Nicoll (Mayfair, 1991)

“Sacred Wheel” (Deathport (Pocket, 1993)

“In God We Trust” the Atlantic Monthly (1996?)

“Almost Heaven on Green River” in Revelation 2:2 (2005), and the
anthology, Revelation, Vol II (Fourth Horseman)


Cinefantastique (1992-1994) (multiple articles and interviews)

Parascope, the now defunct online magazine. (1995-1996?)


Various records and cds, Creative Loafing Atlanta, as
well as at the online music festival site for the campy Sleazefest in
Chapel Hill, NC


Wrote, scored, directed, and appeared in authorized musical
adaptations of the popular fantasy novels Thieves’ World™ and

(1980s) Awards for poetry and songwriting (Nashville Music & I can’t
remember what poetry awards, but several in my younger days)

Industry paper on environmental technology was presented in 1992 at
the Pollution Prevention II conference in Santa Barbara, California.

(2002-2004) Senior Contributing Editor of Smoke and Fire, a
non-fiction quarterly journal.

Wannabe Firefly “Brown Coat”