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The New Doctor Gets A New TARDIS

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor

Rumors are flying that the new Doctor Who , Matt Smith, will be traveling in a completely redesigned TARDIS.  “It will be the most hi-tech, intricate TARDIS ever,” an unnamed source reported to the Daily Mirror on Tuesday.  It has also been rumored that Steven Moffat, the show’s new writer and executive producer, wants to separate himself from the way previous writer/producer Russell T Davies did things.  A new Doctor, a new companion, a new writer/producer  and a new TARDIS…so what’s next?

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Doctor Who – Past, Present and Future

Who is Doctor Who?

who_logo  At over 900 years of age, he has worn many faces, traveled with a variety of different companions and battled a cornucopia of villains.  Since 1963, the role of Doctor Who has been played by ten, soon to be eleven, different actors on television.  A twelfth actor, Peter Cushing, portrayed the Doctor in two cinematic films.  Each of these actors has molded the character a little bit, making it their own.  Each of these Doctors has been unique and special in their own way.  Every fan has their personal favorite.  I would like to spend the next few weeks exploring each Doctor individually.
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Red Dwarf Returns

Red Dwarf, the wonderfully funny British science fiction television show, is about to be resurrected for a new two-part episode by the British television channel Dave.  The digital cable channel is already home to much loved favorites like Red Dwarf, Coupling, The Catherine Tate Show, The Young Ones and many, many others.  This new episode is original programming that will air in the UK on April 10, 2009.  It will include the two-part episode as well as two other specials, including a making of video.

Red Dwarf Logo

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A Fond Farewell To Toonami

Cartoon Network announced Saturday September 20, at Anime Weekend Atlanta, that Saturday night’s broadcast was the final bow for Toonami. After eleven years, the network was cancelling the programming block.
Toonami Shutdown
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