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The Robot's Pajamas

Today’s Link: The Robot’s Pajamas

The Robot's Pajamas Banner

The Robot’s Pajamas is an interesting read. It’s a bit hard to define though. I’d call it Pop Culture Nostalgia, but you’ll have to form your own opinion. Posts about toys and games, both old and new, with some unique commentary makes this site worth checking out.

Watch out for the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content though. You’re likely to see anything over there!

(Update: Edited for Spelling. Learn from my mistakes people. Proofread!)

Today’s Link Fright Catalog

I haven’t posted a one of these in a while. I really should post more of these, there are a lot of sites that I think deserve a link.

With Halloween coming up I thought I’d talk about Fright Catalog. It’s one of my favorite Halloween stores. I’ve used them before and I’ll certainly use ‘em again. They have everything. Costumes, decorations, special FX and even professional quality animatronics.

Fright Catalog

Scary Go Round

Scary Go Round

A little while ago I wrote about a short post about Scary Go Round, but I didn’t make it one of my “Today’s Links”. I hereby rectify that.

Scary Go Round is a wonderful webcomic that has imaginative stories and beautiful art. Read the archives and you can see how John Allison’s art has grown and developed. It’s the best comic on the Dumbrella web comic label. Meaning, it’s the only one I read regularly.