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More than just animation, it’s a style and a world of it’s own.

New Squidoo Review.

Yesterday someone talked me into checking out [tag]Squidoo[/tag]. I’d been reluctant to check it out because it just sounded weird. Kinda like a mashup of MySpace and Digg. Well, I was wrong. It’s not quite like anything I’d ever seen.

What is it? It’s a free [tag]web page[/tag] builder with lot’s of stuff. Lots of different [tag]modules[/tag] to add. It’s pretty easy too. It kinda reminded me of setting up a MyYahoo or iGoogle page. Just pick the parts you want on there, arrange ‘em and click the edit buttons to customize each part. It’s a breeze to set up a [tag]lens[/tag]. Oh, a lens is what they call a page.

 The really interesting part is the different modules. Text modules, guest book modules, lists, even [tag]flickr[/tag] and [tag]youtube[/tag] have a module. Some of the modules, like the Amazon one, can [tag]earn money[/tag]. You get to decide where the money goes. It can be donated to [tag]charity[/tag] or paid to you. It can even be split between charity and your account.

I had fun setting up my lens. I enjoyed arranging and editing the modules. I might set up a few more.

Anime Blogging

I got an email from a friend a couple of weeks back that piqued my interest.

She writes the Watching Jericho blog over at 451press. She suggested that I apply to write an Anime/Manga blog, and I did. That got me to thinking about possible articles. I’ve got a few ideas that I think are pretty good. If I start writing for them I’ll post a link to the site here. If my application is rejected, I’ll write ‘em anyway and post ‘em here. No sense in letting good ideas go to waste.