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Just keep telling yourself “It’s not real”.

New Stephen King Movie

I’ve been a Stephen King fan for almost as long as I could read. That’s my sister’s fault. She’s a fan of his books, so I was introduced to his stories as a kid. I could relate to his books because I was a kid. A lot of the main characters in his stories are kids. Even more often, the monsters are things that scare kids. So his stories made a lot of sense to me.

The long and short of it.

Stephen King can write huge books. It and The Stand are pretty good examples of his longer works. He also writes some damn good short stories. The best example of those are probably in Skeleton Crew. That’s his second collection of short stories. Don’t get me wrong, his other short story collections are great. I just like Skeleton Crew.

The Mist by Stephen King

“It’s digging in to what Steve King does, and trying not to screw it up.” — Frank Darabont, Director of The Mist

One of the longer stories in Skeleton Crew was The Mist. That is a creepy story, and a good example of the kind of childhood fears he uses so well. You never know what’s out there when a thick fog rolls in. Of course a child’s imagination, and Stephen King’s, will populate that unseen world. Some things are best left unseen.

The Mist by Stephen King has been made into a movie. As much as I gripe about stories I love being butchered on the big screen, I’m not too worried about this one. Stephen King, and his fans, have been blessed when it comes to film adaptations of his work. Some truly great movies have been made from his stories. I’m really looking forward to it since I watched a video of the director talking about Stephen King films on the movie’s site. That guy knows what he’s doing.

Check out the site and watch the trailer. This movie looks like a Stephen King story. It can’t get better than that.

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Prison of the Psychotic Damned Reviewed

Today we’re taking a look at horror with a review of Prison of the Psychotic Damned from Red Scream Films LLC. Some of the best horror films of all time are independent works. It makes sense. Horror movies deal with some things that make the big names nervous. Horror also has a tendency to get slapped with ratings that the studios don’t like.

Prison of the Psychotic Damned


Prison of the Psychotic Damned follows a small team of documentary film makers as they investigate the shocking past of an abandoned train station in Buffalo, NY. The station was built with a bright future ahead of it, but that all came crashing down when the depression hit. Eventually the station was turned into an asylum for the criminally insane. Corruption among those running the institution resulted in horrifying conditions among those who were unlucky enough to be inmates. As bad as that is, it’s only part of the dark history of the place they’ve come to explore.


Prison of the Psychotic Damned

There are some great moments and a couple of decent scares.

The filmmakers responsible for Prison of the Psychotic Damned show some real potential. There are some great moments and a couple of decent scares. As they improve their craft they’ll be making some very good movies. Prison isn’t one of them.

From the beginning of the film they made some choices I don’t agree with. It opens with a scene that I think is supposed to be disturbing, but falls far short. Once that is over we get right to the action, or about as much action as we’ll see for most of the movie. The crew is on their way to spend the night in the station and do some filming. We get a rundown of the history of the place and a brief explanation of why they’re going there. The scene drags on far too long. The rest of the movie follows suit.

The Biggest Problems

With the exception of a handful of cool scenes this movie is more suited to being an audio book. It’s filled with exposition. The characters talk about creepy stuff, but we don’t see it. There are numerous “artistic” quick shots and underlying audio that is apparently meant to put the audience on edge. All it does is irritate. Luckily the sound effects are so overused that before long you won’t even notice them anymore. It’s too bad the same can’t be said for the disjointed images that flash on the screen.


This film had a lot of potential. There’s a good story in there somewhere. The unfocused execution and the maker’s choice to talk about the story instead of showing it to us ruined it. You might find something you enjoy in Prison of the Psychotic Damned if you’re a fan of bad horror.

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Today’s Link Fright Catalog

I haven’t posted a one of these in a while. I really should post more of these, there are a lot of sites that I think deserve a link.

With Halloween coming up I thought I’d talk about Fright Catalog. It’s one of my favorite Halloween stores. I’ve used them before and I’ll certainly use ‘em again. They have everything. Costumes, decorations, special FX and even professional quality animatronics.

Fright Catalog

What happened to Halloween TV?

Photo by Flickr User Elsie esq

Seriously, what happened to Halloween programming in October? There used to be specials and horror movies on all month long. Now what little programming there is starts halfway through the month.

I did some looking into it and there are a few things to look forward to in October.

    Halloween 2007 TV Lineup.

  • ABC Family

    October 19-31

    The 13 Nights of Halloween returns to ABC Family in 2007. Expect the usual stuff like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. They might throw in something closer to a real horror movie late at night before the infomercials start.

  • Disney Channel

    Witches and Wizards night, October 12th at 8 o’clock, featuring Twitches Too and Wizards of Waverly Place. Twitches Too will also be repeating at various times during the month. Wizards of Waverly Place is a new series, so there should be at least a few episodes on during October.

  • Cartoon Network

    In addition to Halloween episodes of the normal shows, Cartoon Network will be showing R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps series through October. I remember when this came out on Fox. It was pretty good for a show aimed at kids. Goosebumps has some real scares.

  • AMC Monsterfest

    October 21-31

    Monsterfest is the best Halloween programing on TV. Lots of classic monster movies. From old black and white favorites like Dracula and Frankenstien to original movies like Piñata: Survival Island. I kid you not, Piñata: Survival Island starring Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. The only bad thing about Monsterfest is that it seems like it gets shorter every year. Maybe I’m embellishing the memory of Halloween past, but it seemed like it was on all month long before.

AMC is also running a Monsterfest Sweepstakes. So head on over and enter to win the AMC Classic Monsters DVD set.

Don’t forget the video store. Do what I do and rent some of your favorite scary movies. You might even find some of your favorite Halloween TV specials. There are a lot of TV shows on DVD these days. That should hold you over til Halloween.

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Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween.

I love horror movies. More specifically, slashers, the archetype of which is Halloween. Made in 1978 by John Carpenter, Halloween inspired some of the greatest slasher movies of all time. The most famous is probably the Friday the 13th series of movies. If you’ve read my “About Author” page, you know how much I love that series. Halloween continues to inspire film makers almost 30 years later.

Rob Zombie’s first foray into the belly of the beast was in 2003 with House of 1000 Corpses. Any horror fan who’s seen it can tell you that Rob Zombie knows his stuff. He took the best and the worst of low budge horror and made it fun again. That’s why I’m excited to hear that he’s involved with the newest version of Halloween.

The last few Halloween movies are only a pale reflection of the original. The only thing they’ve had going for them was the reputation of the previous movies. Halloween: H20 probably came the closest to the 1978 masterpiece. It marked the return of Jamie Lee Curtis to the part of Laurie Strode.

It’s a remake, and I’m no fan of remakes. There have been some really bad ones, Texas Chainsaw Massacre for example. The new Halloween remake has something the others don’t. A horror fan at the helm as writer and director. A horror fan who knows what he’s doing. I have very high hopes for this movie. I believe Rob Zombie can return Halloween the movie to it’s former bloody glory.

Trailer for Rob Zombie’s Halloween

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Sci Fi Drive-In, don’t bother.

Well once again had a good idea, but screwed it up. I tried to watch Metropolis, the classic silent film. It was great for a short time, then it started stopping and skipping. I believe the player was to blame. I have a pretty speedy connection. With a decent player I can pause it for a moment and let it buffer and everything is fine. That doesn’t work with the player they’ve used. Even YouTube would have been a better choice.

It’s not new, I saw comments from January. I thought it might be, but I hardly ever go to their site. You’d think they’d have squashed any bugs by now. I’m not too surprised though. They focus too much on making the site flashy and it costs them usability. The site needs a major overhaul. It’s slow and unresponsive, and I’m on a 3Mb connection. There should be very, very few things that slow.

Now I remember why I so very rarely visit

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