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Blades of Glory DVD Review

Will Ferrell and Jon Heder in Blades of Glory



Chaz Michael Michaels, played by Will Ferrell, is the bad boy of figure skating. When Chaz gets into a fight with Jimmy MacElroy, played by Jon Heder, his life is changed forever. Both Chaz and Jimmy are kicked out of Men’s Figure Skating for life.


Thanks to a crazy stalker and a has been coach Chaz and Jimmy might have a shot at gold again. It turns out that the lifetime ban is only in Men’s Singles, and there’s nothing in the rules that says 2 men can’t skate in Pairs competition.



My Opinion


In Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Will Ferrell played a Nascar Driver. In Blades of Glory Will Ferrell tackles another borderline sport. This time he’s playing a figure skater. Much like Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory is surprisingly funny.


For some reason Will Ferrell is always a lot more entertaining than I expect. Admittedly, I don’t expect much. I just don’t think trailers and commercials can really capture the kind of humor Will Ferrell delivers.


Will Ferrell isn’t the only surprisingly good performance in this movie either. Everyone does a great job. The romance between Jon Heder and Jenna Fischer is sweet and awkward. The sibling bond between Will Arnett and Amy Poehler kinda made my skin crawl, and I didn’t know they were married until I watched the special features. Craig T. Nelson is always great.

He'd make a plan and he'd follow through. That's what Brian Boitano'd do.


Even the real figure skaters did a great job in this movie, but most of them didn’t have to do much. There are lots of cameos. Watch very carefully though, because some of ‘em are very fast. I saw three cameos in less than 2 seconds during the hearing. I don’t know if they were originally supposed to get more screen time or if this is a treat for attentive skating fans. I’m left wondering…

What would Brian Boitano do?



DVD Extras

The extras on this disc are great. There are some behind the scenes stuff, several interviews and even a music video. Out of all the special features I think my favorite is the interview with Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. They’re funnier in the interview than they are in the movie. They’re kinda creepy in the movie.

Music Video

One of the extras I really liked was the music video. The song that Will Ferrell and Jon Heder sig in the movie is sung my Bo Bice. You can also hear the song on the closing credits. You can also watch it below.






I’d recommend this movie. It’s strange and funny, like a lot of Will Ferrell’s stuff. Everyone involved did a great job.

I really liked this movie. It’s definitely worth a rental. Shoot, I may end up buying it.


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Shrek the Third DVD Review

Shrek and Fiona from Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third isn’t going to be a huge surprise. If you’ve seen the first 2 then you know what to expect. If you haven’t seen the first 2 Shrek movies yet you should be looking for those instead. They’re both great, but the first one is the best.


Shrek the Third does suffer from sequel-itis. It’s not quite as good as the previous movie, which wasn’t quite as good as the first movie. That’s really to be expected though. We know the main cast, but nothing new is introduced. 




In this movie we get to know more about Fiona’s home, the land of Far Far Away. Fiona’s dad is ill and Shrek is filling in as king. Things do not go well. There’s a great sequence that shows how some of the royal functions Shrek performs turn disastrous. During all of this Shrek just wants to go home to his swamp.

 Prince Charming's Vengeance

Shrek learns that if he wants to avoid being the King of Far Far Away he has to bring back Arthur, the only other person in line for the throne. So he sets off to drag Artie back. While he’s gone Prince Charming, who has been planning revenge, makes his move.




All in all it’s pretty good. It’s not the best Shrek movie, but it has it’s moments.

Ye Olde Hooters



Moment of Pure Awesome


This is a Shrek movie, so you know there is going to be at least one moment of pure awesome. For me, this clip, and the following sequence, was it. This is what happens when you mess with Snow White.




Special Features



Like all the Shrek DVDs there are some pretty cool features. I’ve always liked the CGI bloopers. It’s kind of cool to see some of the weird things that go wrong when trying to make a CGI animated movie.


Arthur’s Yearbook

One cool extra on this DVD is Arthur’s yearbook. You get a good idea of what life was like for Artie when he was in school. It’s filled with characters that are only briefly glimpsed, or not in the movie at all. Most, if not all, of them are historical or legendary figures like Arthur Pendragon himself. That makes a few of ‘em even more amusing if you’re a fan of Arthurian legend.





I’d recommend this movie. If you’re a fan of Shrek, you won’t need a recommendation though. If you’re not a fan then why did you read this review?



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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End DVD Review



Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End 001


All the old familiar faces return and they’re a welcome sight. Joining the crew of the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End are an assortment of new faces. Chow Yun-Fat plays Captain Sao Feng, and steals almost every scene he’s in. Taking command of a scene when you’re on screen with the likes of Geoffrey Rush’s Captain Barbossa is more than impressive. That’s damned good acting.


  Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End 002


At World’s End resolves the Pirates of the Caribbean storyline, and it does it in just under 3 hours. Ouch. That’s way too long. Especially when nothing really seems to happen for the first part of the movie. Oh, there’s plenty of action sequences, but what little storytelling there is could be done in much less time.

The ending is satisfying. It just seems right. If only they could have gotten to it a bit quicker.


Oh and for the ladies…


Jack Sparrow Clones

There’s more Depp than you can shake a pair of panties at.





DVD Extras

The extras are almost non-existent. There’s a gag reel, and that’s it. The bloopers are good, but not good enough to be the only special feature. No behind the scenes, no “making of”, no nothin’. That really sucks. I would love to see a making of documentary for this movie. C’mon! Would one interview with Keith Richards hurt the sales of the premium DVD that much?


I have no doubt that there will be a special collectors premium edition that contains the special features that should have been on this disc. Would I buy it? No way. Not a chance. I doubt I’d even rent it. Ok, maybe I’d rent it if it has that Keith Richards interview.




This wraps up a trilogy, so if you’ve seen the others rent this one. If you haven’t seen the first 2, you’re not missing anything.

As for buying it…

I’d only recommend purchasing this DVD to fans of the series. If you have to add this one to your collection, wait. In a couple of months there will be a DVD that has the special features this one should have had.



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Superbad Unrated Extended Edition DVD Review


Liquor is Superbad


I wrote a post about Superbad about the time it came out in theaters. I didn’t get to see it on the big screen, but I rented the unrated and extended edition. Here’s my review.



The Movie

Superbad is about three high school friends and is set couple of weeks before graduation. These guys are geeks, no two ways about it, but thanks to a fake I.D. they have a chance to finish high school in style. They set out on a quest to buy booze for a party.


Seth and Evan need the booze to impress the girls they’re interested in. They want to make the most of their time before they go their separate ways in college. They also want to go to college with at least some experience, and I ain’t talking about band camp. That’s pretty damn important at that age.


McLovin is Superbad

The adventures of Fogell, A.K.A. “McLovin” played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, is where most of the humor is. McLovin tries to use his crappy I.D. to buy the booze. The store gets robbed and the cops are called, he’s just unlucky I guess. Or is he?


The cops seem to believe the fake I.D. or just don’t care that it’s fake. They offer him a ride to the party, but get caught up in other things. Things like getting drunk and shooting street signs. Along the way they offer him advice on life. Bad advice. Bad cop, no donut!



DVD Special Features

All the normal extras are here. Commentary, deleted scenes, a gag reel and previews. There are a couple of interesting extras.

I’m reviewing the unrated and extended edition of Superbad. I don’t know if the extras on the, no doubt numerous, other versions are similar. I’m thinking that theatrical version is missing a few of these.



A lot of the dialog is very creatively foul and apparently ad-libbed. Line-O-Rama shows you the different versions that didn’t make it into the movie. Some of ‘em are lame, but others are hilarious. I enjoyed the different ways Jonah Hill, who plays Seth, described his choice of porn.


Cop Car ConfessionsSuperbad DVD Extra Cop Car Confessions

The Cop Car Confessions are a few short scenes with the cops talking to different people who are in the squad car. I enjoyed all of these a lot, but my favorite was the guy busted for drugs. He was just makin’ his famous pancakes for his buddies and the cops broke in and arrested him for possession. Happens all the time.

I don’t know why these didn’t make it into the movie, maybe they were filmed especially for the special features.


The Vag-Tastic Voyage

This is the porn site Seth talks about in the movie. They’ve included the full scene of the fictional site as a special feature.  From the initial pick up to the closing shot, the entire thing is a spoof of a real porn site. It’s pretty darn accurate too. Ummm… Not that I would know. :shock:





This is definitely worth renting, it’s a great movie with some really cool extras. Superbad is an old school raunchy teen movie in the spirit of Porky’s and the first American Pie.


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DVD Reviews Coming

Ok, I know I said I’d be doing book reviews, but I have to get a few DVDs out of the way first. A handful of movies I’ve been wanting to see have come out on DVD. I was able to snatch up a few of ‘em on release day for a change.

DVD Media

So I’ll be reviewing the following DVDs next week, hopefully.

  • Superbad
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
  • Shrek the Third
  • Blades of Glory

As you can see, I haven’t had time to read a book this week. I’ve been too busy watching movies. Oh, and obsessing over the last episode of Heroes.

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New Stephen King Movie

I’ve been a Stephen King fan for almost as long as I could read. That’s my sister’s fault. She’s a fan of his books, so I was introduced to his stories as a kid. I could relate to his books because I was a kid. A lot of the main characters in his stories are kids. Even more often, the monsters are things that scare kids. So his stories made a lot of sense to me.

The long and short of it.

Stephen King can write huge books. It and The Stand are pretty good examples of his longer works. He also writes some damn good short stories. The best example of those are probably in Skeleton Crew. That’s his second collection of short stories. Don’t get me wrong, his other short story collections are great. I just like Skeleton Crew.

The Mist by Stephen King

“It’s digging in to what Steve King does, and trying not to screw it up.” — Frank Darabont, Director of The Mist

One of the longer stories in Skeleton Crew was The Mist. That is a creepy story, and a good example of the kind of childhood fears he uses so well. You never know what’s out there when a thick fog rolls in. Of course a child’s imagination, and Stephen King’s, will populate that unseen world. Some things are best left unseen.

The Mist by Stephen King has been made into a movie. As much as I gripe about stories I love being butchered on the big screen, I’m not too worried about this one. Stephen King, and his fans, have been blessed when it comes to film adaptations of his work. Some truly great movies have been made from his stories. I’m really looking forward to it since I watched a video of the director talking about Stephen King films on the movie’s site. That guy knows what he’s doing.

Check out the site and watch the trailer. This movie looks like a Stephen King story. It can’t get better than that.

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