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Eureka’s Back! Bad to the Drone

(Spoiler Warning. Some parts of this post can be considered spoilers. It’s an episode recap after all. — 2xKnight)

The big news in Eureka is not the jazzed up song and dance sendup of Mister Rogers Neighborhood theme,
it’s Eva Thorne.  She flies in on her broomstick in the Season 3 premiere just in time to see an anti-missile test of the Viper vs. Martha go wrong.  Eva is known as “The Fixer” — a corporate maven and master manipulator. She’s got the power (from the Department of Defense), and she attempts to use it.  Her stated goal?  To make Global Dynamics pay for itself.  The only person Eva seems to have regard for is Stark, but even he isn’t falling for it…yet.  Allison, however, seems to be falling for him…again.
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I Heart Taggart


Do You Want ‘Possums with That? opossum1

Having just returned from two weeks in splendid [self imposed] isolation, I’m tempted to declare that I was on a spiritual retreat, or writing the next Great American Novel.
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$50 Amazon Gift Certificate Winner


Contest Closed


I’ve gone through and counted up the posts for February. This was the result.


Tsukiryuu : 53 posts in February.

Maidenhair : 43 posts in February.

kladasaday : 3 posts in February.


The following made one post each in February:




Update: I just noticed that I didn’t list all entries on here. I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. This was just a sampling of what was entered. Whoops. *L*


I printed out all the entries, mixed ‘em up and chose one at random.



The Winner Is…


$50 Amazon Gift Certificate Winner



Congratulations Tsukiryuu! I’ll be sending a gift certificate to your forum e-mail address shortly.



Future Contest and Giveaway Suggestions


If you have any ideas for this month’s, or any other, giveaway let me know. Just head over to the forum and leave your suggestions in this thread.

Facebook Apps Hold Your Friends Hostage



Facebook Friends


I like Facebook, or at least I did like Facebook. Things are changing over there. Those changes aren’t always for the better. You might have noticed this yourself.

Take the apps for example.


Invite 10 Friends. Or Else...


Have you seen something like that? If you like the quizzes and such, I bet you have. A lot of the apps that do that won’t even give you your results unless you invite friends to add the app. That’s just wrong. It needs to stop and it needs to stop now.


I like Internet quizzes and I enjoyed those kinds of apps, but this just bugs me. All I want to do is waste a little bit of time and have fun. I go through and answer the stupid questions that have nothing to do with the topic. Then I get a ransom note. “Give us the names of your friends so we can show them our ads or you’ll never know what kind of breakfast cereal you are.” Does that seem right?


Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind seeing the invite screen if I can skip it and get my results. That makes sense. They’re giving you a chance to share your wasted time with your friends. That’s what friends are for, at least on social networks. It’s pretty cool to be able to compare your results with your friends. It is not cool to hold your friends, or your results, hostage. That would be like Google turning over their search results to the advertisers. “You can’t see the results for ‘Bionic Woman Sucks’ until you click on 10 ads.” Yahoo! would love to see that.


Facebook needs to make some changes or a lot of people are going to be leaving. This is annoying. People don’t join social networks to be annoyed.


Except for Myspace.


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