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Join Fandom Bloggers on Facebook.

I joined Facebook a short time ago. I’m more active there than I’ve ever been on a social site. I’m still getting to know it, but it seems great so far. I’m trying out a few things with the groups over there.

Fandom Bloggers Group on Facebook.

Looking for group.

I tried to find a group for people with fan blogs and couldn’t find one. Not a problem, I just created one. So if you have a fan blog about games, movies, TV or what ever you’re a fan of then check out Fandom Bloggers on Facebook.

One of us. One of us. One of us.

The group is open to anyone with a fandom blog. If that’s you, then stop by and check us out. Get to know your fellow bloggers. Talk about your fandoms. Talk about your blog. This could be a great way to find other stuff to be a fan of.

Debating negligible differences, the favorite sport of fans everywhere.

What is a fandom blog? That’s really a matter of opinion, so I’ll give you mine. If you’re a fan of something and you write a blog about it, then it’s a fandom blog.

What isn’t a fandom blog? Celebrity gossip blogs are not fandom blogs.

What’s the difference?

  • If you write a blog about Paris Hilton and focus on her acting talent (Please, don’t laugh. Well, not loudly.) and her work as an actress, then it’s a fandom blog.
  • If you write a blog about Paris Hilton and focus on what she wears and who she’s dating, it’s a gossip blog.

As the group name implies, gossip blogs need not apply.

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Send me an Angel AMV and $100 giveaway.

This is a pretty darn good AMV. I found this one when I was looking for a different one. I’m posting it here because it doesn’t quite fit with the ones I’m planning to post on AnimeFansOnline, but I wanted to share it anyway.

Speaking of Angels.

I was going to post this later, but since I’m talking about Angels I’ll post it here.

Angel over at is giving away $100. That could buy a lot of anime. Well, it could buy some anime. As expensive as it’s getting an extra $100 would help. So go check out the contest rules and enter. If you win, feel free to send a little thank you this way. *L*

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Blog Rush widget added.

I added the BlogRush widget. Maybe it’ll bring in a few more readers. We’ll find out in time.

There is a problem though. One that I hope will be fixed. The widget gives no option to resize. That’s just bad design. It breaks my layout if I try to put it in the sidebar. That’s why it’s way at the bottom of the page in the footer.

I can not be the only person this is happening to either. With all the blogs out there using many, many, different themes I’m sure this is happening quite a bit.

Seriously guys, a one size fits all widget? You have got to be kiddin’ me.

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Update on sponsored posts.

I’ve tried to monetize this site to make it self sustaining. One of the ways I’ve been experimenting with is sponsored posts. I’ve tried to make sure that the sponsored posts are on topic, or at the very least make them fun. I think I’ve done pretty well. I’ve controlled myself when looking for sponsored content. Sorry, I’m afraid you’re not likely to see a post about vaginal reconstruction on this blog.

Goin’ Postal.

I’ve been signed up to Pay Per Post since the tail end of July. It’s been pretty good to me. I’ve managed to make about 50 bucks with Pay Per Post. That will go a long way to paying hosting fees next year. One good thing about Pay Per Post, they seem to like openness. I’m updating you on how this part of my blog is going, and they’re paying me to do it. As long as they run things that way, I’ll probably stick around.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about sponsored posts? Are they a good way for a blog to earn it’s keep? Are they a necessary evil of blogging? Are they a festering boil that should be cut out of any blog they’ve tainted?

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Win a Fullmetal Alchemist Special Edition DVD.

If you want to win the Conqueror of Shambala special edition, then head over to AnimeFansOnline. I’m giving away 1 special edition, 1 regular DVD and 1 music CD by Vic Mignogna, the guy who plays Ed in the English dub. All three are autographed.

The rules are simple. Just leave a comment there about your favorite character or episode from Fullmetal Alchemist. In a couple of weeks I’ll pick the winners.

Win the Conqueror of Shambala Special Edition.

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Getting busy.

With Dragon Con coming this weekend there are things I need to get done. I’m afraid that posting on FanaticSpace will be more sporadic than usual. What does that mean? Basically that unless something happens and I just have to write about it, there aren’t likely to be any posts.

I might be able to do a few of short ones from Dragon Con. Maybe give you a peek at what’s going on, and what’s coming up on the blog. I’m hoping that my time at the con will give me plenty of material for the blog. It is a site about fandom after all.

I’ll be trying to take lots of pictures. I’m also looking into getting a tape recorder for the panels. If I can get one that will let me transfer to the computer I’ll see if I can post a few clips from the panels I attend. Even if I can’t find one with computer connections built in, I’ll see what I can do.

If by some bizarre twist of fate you see me at the con, come by and let me know you’ve read the blog. I might buy you a drink take your photo for the blog.

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