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Book Reviews Coming Soon.

Are your chads hanging?

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone (Beth) who responded to my previous article “Book Reviews or Book Discussions?“. Book discussions won in a landslide, but like the 2000 American Presidential Election it’s been overturned. Not by an antiquated electoral college, but by practicality.

Looks like I don’t have enough active readers to start up a discussion about, well, anything. Not yet at least. I’m too damn stubborn to give up though. So I’ll do reviews for now. Once things get rolling and we get some regulars, then we can start up some discussions. I’ll bring this up again in the future, once the site is more active.

Or when Gore is President.

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Book Reviews or Book Discussions?

So many books, so little time.

I need your opinions

After the posts by Donna and myself, I’ve decided that I should make books a larger part of the site. I’d like to do more posts about books and reading. What I’d like your opinion on is the structure of those posts.

  1. Should I review books I read?
  2. Or

  3. Should I open a discussion about a book?

I can see pros and cons for both of those. I’m just not sure what you’d rather see here. That’s why I’m asking you.

What’s the difference?

This is how I imagine these working. If you have other ideas please let me know.

    Book Review

  • I would choose a book, or let you vote on a book.
  • I’d read it and take a few notes.
  • I’d come back to the blog and write up a review. It’s pretty straight forward.

    Book Discussion

  • I would choose a book, or let you vote on a book. That’s the same.
  • I’d write a post on the blog to announce what the book is.
  • A reading deadline would be set. That way people know when the discussion will start, and will know when to finish the book.
  • People that want to join in would, I hope, read the book.
  • After the reading deadline I’d come back here and officially open the discussion. I would include some of my opinions and my questions about the book. It wouldn’t be a full review though.
  • I would update the post with some, or all, of the relevant comments from the discussion for a period of time. This would make the relevant comments about the book easier to find and make things easier on people taking part. A long list of comments can be hard to follow sometimes.

What do you think?

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Do you have any other ideas? I’d appreciate your thoughts on this. I’d really like to make this site something we could all enjoy together.

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Commercials on BitTorrent?

The Internet and file sharing are becoming a popular alternative to TV or even DVD rental. This has put quite a few executive panties in a bunch. If people are watching TV shows online how are they going to make money? I think the answer is pretty simple.


…watch TV from around the world as if you were living there.

Internet Television
Photo by
Flickr User Tim Pritlove.

TV makes money by showing commercials during the shows. Most of ‘em aren’t even that well targeted. I’m not going to be buying a car, so it doesn’t matter how cool the commercials are on TV. The same could be said of any number of products. The commercials run by the local stations aren’t much better, but at least it’s somewhere I can actually get to. Even if I’ll never need to.

The Internet can fix these problems. A short survey when you sign up for a free service can help advertisers find people that might be interested in what they’re selling. This would probably be better for the advertisers than TV spots. Since they wouldn’t be paying for time on a particular show because they think their customers watch it. They wouldn’t have to bombard people outside the demographic they’re looking for in the hopes that it reaches their audience. They would be targeting users instead. Every time the ad runs it could be playing just for the people they hope to reach.

Target local customers, anywhere on the planet.

That same sign up form can make geotargeting possible as well. Which means the viewers would be seeing ads for the things they can walk down the street and buy. Once more targeting your customer and not a time slot pays off. Added to this the possible ads from online businesses such as Amazon or iTunes and you have a working advertising model. A way to make money.

What about the viewers?

Should some glorious miracle make this happen, the viewers could benefit the most. A system like this would make it possible to watch TV from around the world as if you were living there. Shows in your selected language could play online simultaneously with the TV broadcast. With a short delay you could even watch subtitled or closed captioned versions of shows that aren’t broadcast in your selected language.

I’d be willing to watch commercials in a TV show, I do it already. I’d be even more interested in watching them if they’re about something I’m interested in. If that means I get to watch the shows I love I’d be happy to do it. I could watch Doctor Who on the BBC and during the commercials find out that Amazon UK has the new Terry Pratchett book for sale.

All of this, and no one would lose money. Isn’t technology great?

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I’ve had some things I wanted to write that didn’t fit in here or on AnimeFansOnline. So I decided to start a personal blog for all that miscellaneous stuff. I’m lucky that I have a fairly unusual name, it wasn’t registered. Well, the “.eu” was, but I don’t live in the Eu. I’ve registered and I’m putting a WordPress blog up.

I’m hoping that it will give me a chance to write different kinds of posts and also make FanaticSpace better. At the very least it will move the non-fandom stuff out of here. That should help to keep this site on topic.

So say goodbye to meta-blogging on FanaticSpace. No more blogging about blogging here. Unless I’m writing about a fandom blog, because that still fits in here.

If any of my friends here want to link to it or review it, I’d appreciate it. Give it a little time first if you want to review it. I’m busier than ever now.

Join Fandom Bloggers on Facebook.

I joined Facebook a short time ago. I’m more active there than I’ve ever been on a social site. I’m still getting to know it, but it seems great so far. I’m trying out a few things with the groups over there.

Fandom Bloggers Group on Facebook.

Looking for group.

I tried to find a group for people with fan blogs and couldn’t find one. Not a problem, I just created one. So if you have a fan blog about games, movies, TV or what ever you’re a fan of then check out Fandom Bloggers on Facebook.

One of us. One of us. One of us.

The group is open to anyone with a fandom blog. If that’s you, then stop by and check us out. Get to know your fellow bloggers. Talk about your fandoms. Talk about your blog. This could be a great way to find other stuff to be a fan of.

Debating negligible differences, the favorite sport of fans everywhere.

What is a fandom blog? That’s really a matter of opinion, so I’ll give you mine. If you’re a fan of something and you write a blog about it, then it’s a fandom blog.

What isn’t a fandom blog? Celebrity gossip blogs are not fandom blogs.

What’s the difference?

  • If you write a blog about Paris Hilton and focus on her acting talent (Please, don’t laugh. Well, not loudly.) and her work as an actress, then it’s a fandom blog.
  • If you write a blog about Paris Hilton and focus on what she wears and who she’s dating, it’s a gossip blog.

As the group name implies, gossip blogs need not apply.

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Send me an Angel AMV and $100 giveaway.

This is a pretty darn good AMV. I found this one when I was looking for a different one. I’m posting it here because it doesn’t quite fit with the ones I’m planning to post on AnimeFansOnline, but I wanted to share it anyway.

Speaking of Angels.

I was going to post this later, but since I’m talking about Angels I’ll post it here.

Angel over at is giving away $100. That could buy a lot of anime. Well, it could buy some anime. As expensive as it’s getting an extra $100 would help. So go check out the contest rules and enter. If you win, feel free to send a little thank you this way. *L*

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