• Madonna posted an update 9 years, 8 months ago

    Walking Dead SPOILER ALERT!!!!! First of all I want to say that I am very sad that this was the season finale. Just that fact hasleft me kinda speechless.I am going to try to overcome my grief and put down a few thoughts about tonight’s show. One thing that is puzzling me is the huge horde of zombies that over ran the farm. Where did they come from, and what drew them to the farm? Maybe I missed something. Lori’s reaction when Rick told her he killed Shane made me sick! I did not think I could possibly hate her anymore than I already did , but but that ratcheted the hate up another notch. I am very interested to see who that mysterious woman that saved Andrea turns out to be. What did everybody else think about Rick’s big speech. Seemed to me like he was channelling Shane there for a minute. Those are my thoughts on the show. Guess I’ll be counting the day’s till next season.

    • The horde, or as they call it a “herd”, was nearby when Carl took down Walker!Shane at the end last week. The gunshot started them toward the farm. I missed it the fist time around, but if you watch the very end, as the camera is pulling back from Rick and Carl, you can see the herd coming out of the trees at the top of the screen.

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