• Madonna posted an update 9 years, 11 months ago

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!! I am about to talk about tonights WALKING DEAD! Well, the tension was building at the farm for a few weeks now, and it finally came to a head. Hopefully Glen’s new girlfriend has empowered him to stand up for himself. You go girl! Glen is way too smart and cute to be nothing but walker bait. Dale on the other hand has completely lost his mind. What the hell could he possibly be thinking to try and hide the guns from the rest of the group? Insanity is all I can come up with for that stupid move. I really liked him in the beginning, but now I am starting to think that the group would be better off without him. He keeps trying to control everybody,”for their own good”, but he has no clue what that is. Even though I hate Shanes guts and believe that he deserves to die a horrid death, I was still glad to see him grow a pair and stand up in front of everybody and say the Walkers in the barn had to go. I was sad to find out that Sophia was one of them ,but I was glad that they put her out of her misery. When I read online that one of the cast was going to die, I assumed it would be Sophia. Shane has stepped up finally, but will he try to stay in control, or will he calm down and step back and let Rick take control again? Guess we will find out next time.

    • Yeah, when they didn’t find Sophia after a week, I figured she’d be a walker when they did find her. I didn’t expect her to be in the barn though, simply because the time seemed too short. She must have turned very soon after she was lost for Otis to have time to put her in there before all the crap went down with Carl being shot.

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