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The Kiss

Rising Independent Filmmakers Launch Star Wars Homage with The First Hope & Kickstarter

The Kiss

Award winning filmmaker Jeremy David White has teamed with screenwriter Austin Reynolds to explore young protagonist, “Johnny’s”,  fascination with the original Star Wars trilogy in The First Hope.

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Frayed cover image

Frayed – A Madison Lark Novella by Blakely Chorpenning

I’ve become more and more interested lately in good shifter stories, especially with a kick-ass heroine at the helm. So when I received “Frayed – A Madison Lark Novella” from new author (and fellow reviewer over at BookCountry), Blakely Chorpenning I was happy to find that kind of heroine in Madison “Fray” Lark, a leopard shifter. This novella starts off something that could turn into a long-running and interesting shifter series.

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Cover of The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca Gable

The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca Gable

Cover of The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca GableA while back I was sent a review copy (Disclosure: At no cost to myself.) of The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca Gable (translated into English by Lee Chadeayne). To be honest, this review should have gone up already, but for some reason I thought it was coming out next week. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know how I got that idea. My apologies to the kind folks at Wunderkind PR.

The book is based on an ingenious strategy board game called, duh, The Settlers of Catan created by Klaus Teuber. The game sets itself apart from other strategy board games by encouraging cooperation. Winning isn’t achieved by defeating the other players, but by working with them to grow your settlement.


A raid on the coastal village of Elasund, followed by a particularly harsh winter, pushes the Elasunders to face some hard facts. Their village can’t support them all. The rocky fields and its poor soil can’t supply enough grain, nor the sea enough fish to feed them year round. If they face another winter as hard as this one, many will not survive. After seeking the wisdom of their gods, they decide to search for a new home.
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Nocturne by Syrie James

Nocturne by Syrie James

Nocturne by Syrie JamesI really enjoy a good vampire yarn (without the sparkles, please), so when I received Nocturne by Syrie James, I was very intrigued. Ms James, who decided that she wanted to continue in the Paranormal Romance genre after writing Dracula, My Love, has her history down. And while I’m more of a dark, urban fantasy kind of girl, I do enjoy a good paranormal romance that can hook me within the first few chapters.
Dragon*Con Filk Staff

GAFilk 2011-A Semi-Official & Personal Journey

Matt & Antithesis 2

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” — Henry Van DykeRabbit Hat

Official Review

GAFilk 2011 was less well attended than my last visit, two years ago, mostly reflective of the current economy.  That said, there was no lack of enthusiasm visible to our “posse”.

Four of us official Dragon*Con filk staff types and one unofficial (that would be you, Chip) member met up to do what Dragon*Con Filk Stafffilkers do, and put a current face to the (oft cursed name) of Dragon*con Filk.  For our fearless leader, Robby Hilliard (a relative newcomer to the filk world at under a decade ;-) ), along with Alex Boyd,  it was a chance to see some of the icons of classic filk for the first time.  For others of us, it was a chance to renew our unholy alliance, and savor some “old school filk”  juxtaposed with a variety of other styles and eras. Continue reading

Wolfsbane - Patricia Briggs

Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs

Wolfsbane - Patricia BriggsI was very excited when I received the email wondering if I was interested in receiving an early copy of Wolfsbane, the sequel to Patricia Briggs’ fantasy novel Masques. I was entertained reading the first book, and I really hoped to get a chance to read the sequel after finishing the first. Slipping back into the high fantasy world that Patricia Briggs created so long ago was so easy and I didn’t have anything to be worried about that distance between when she wrote the first to the second.

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