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I’ve had some things I wanted to write that didn’t fit in here or on AnimeFansOnline. So I decided to start a personal blog for all that miscellaneous stuff. I’m lucky that I have a fairly unusual name, it wasn’t registered. Well, the “.eu” was, but I don’t live in the Eu. I’ve registered and I’m putting a WordPress blog up.

I’m hoping that it will give me a chance to write different kinds of posts and also make FanaticSpace better. At the very least it will move the non-fandom stuff out of here. That should help to keep this site on topic.

So say goodbye to meta-blogging on FanaticSpace. No more blogging about blogging here. Unless I’m writing about a fandom blog, because that still fits in here.

If any of my friends here want to link to it or review it, I’d appreciate it. Give it a little time first if you want to review it. I’m busier than ever now.

Con Flu strikes again.

As will happen from time to time when attending conventions, I came home sick. I have the Con Flu. Mine is really more of a cold, but Con Flu sounds better. I suppose it’s bound to happen when you get that many people together.

The last I heard, Dragon Con was estimated at 40,000 people this year. Sounds about right to me. There were about 12,000 people trying to squeeze into the anime track panels. Well, maybe not that many. Though it does seem like Dragon Con severely underestimated the anime track’s popularity.

Even though I spent a lot of my time in the anime panels, I don’t think I caught this bug in there. I blame the elevators. Small boxes that a high percentage of convention goers are packed into at one point or another. Yep, the elevators seem the most likely candidate to me.

I believe I’ll pack a few cans of lysol next year. Maybe even a few surgical masks. Think if I dress like Adrian Monk I’ll seem less crazy?

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Getting busy.

With Dragon Con coming this weekend there are things I need to get done. I’m afraid that posting on FanaticSpace will be more sporadic than usual. What does that mean? Basically that unless something happens and I just have to write about it, there aren’t likely to be any posts.

I might be able to do a few of short ones from Dragon Con. Maybe give you a peek at what’s going on, and what’s coming up on the blog. I’m hoping that my time at the con will give me plenty of material for the blog. It is a site about fandom after all.

I’ll be trying to take lots of pictures. I’m also looking into getting a tape recorder for the panels. If I can get one that will let me transfer to the computer I’ll see if I can post a few clips from the panels I attend. Even if I can’t find one with computer connections built in, I’ll see what I can do.

If by some bizarre twist of fate you see me at the con, come by and let me know you’ve read the blog. I might buy you a drink take your photo for the blog.

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13 days until Dragon Con 2007.

Man, time is flying by. I still have tons of stuff to get done, like my Space Ghost stuff. I still need to write up a couple of blog posts to go up automatically. Just in case I can’t write up anything while I’m there. Yep, lot of stuff to get done. I’m excited that it’s almost here though.

Things are being switched around in the hotels. Since the Marriott is undergoing construction the dealers room has been moved to the Hilton. That sucks for me because I’m staying in the Hyatt. That’s a long walk. It’s made even longer since they’re closing the street between the Hyatt and Marriott to foot traffic at “peak hours”. So I won’t be hitting the dealers room nearly as much this year. That could be a good thing, maybe I won’t spend as much money.

Fewer trips to the dealer’s room should free up some time for me to get more pictures. I need to get a few shots of cosplayers for Anime Fans Online. I also need to see if there are any good anime events scheduled. I know there’s an AMV contest, but I’m not sure how I’d write up a post about that. I just hope they set up a site with the winners I can link to.

Looks like there are some great guest this year too. Here a few people that are supposed to be there.

A few of the scheduled guests.

Just a few of the guests I’m looking forward to seeing.

  • Jamie Bamber & Richard Hatch Wooo! Both Apollos!
  • James Marsters
  • James & Oliver Phelps Can’t wait to hear what the twins think of Deathly Hallows.
  • Matthew Lewis Ditto for Neville.
  • Claudia Black
  • Gil Gerard & Erin Gray
  • Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson

You can never tell when someone will have to cancel, like these folks did.


  • Sean Astin
  • Mary Jo Putney
  • Jeff Austin
  • Lance Henriksen
  • Stolen Babies
  • Virginia Hey
  • Teresa Patterson
  • Richard Epcar
  • Jan Osburg
  • Crab Scrambly
  • Katee Sackhoff

Too bad Starbuck won’t be there. That means both Apollos will be there, and both Starbucks won’t.

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Free graphics.

Thanks to a comment on the blog I’ve decided to offer free graphics. Here’s a rundown of what happened.

In a post at JohnCow the term “stupid cow” was used. That progressed to talk of an award. That led to mention of a button, and that’s where I came in. I whipped up something and posted a link in the comments. Not quite what they were thinking of, so I did another one. Now there’s a full fledged contest going on to make some graphics for the “Stupid Cow Award”.

During this discussion cooliojones said…

Good work 2x. You’ll get other sites wanting your creative genius pretty soon too!

That got me thinking. I like doing graphics, it’s fun. I don’t mind doin’ them for other people. I’ve done quite a few for boards and forums. (I mod the graphics forum for Knockturn Alley. plugplugplug) So why not offer ‘em to people that might see this blog?

So, if you need/want some graphics for forums, web sites, or whatever just let me know. I’ll see what I can do. Since it’s free it’s not like you’ll lose anything. Right? Free is good. If it’s a big project I might ask for attribution. A simple link and a mention that I did ‘em, that’s all. Unless it’s something horrid, then I might ask you not to link to me. ;)

How to request graphics.

If you want something specific, let me know. You can use the contact form to make any requests. I’ll work with you and make any changes you want. If you have pictures you want included, I can do that as long as…

  1. You own the copyrights
  2. or

  3. Whoever does own the copyright gives the ok, either by specifically giving you permission or a creative commons license allowing dirivitive works.

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Finished first contest at AnimeFansOnline.

It’s done and the prize is sent. I encountered a few snags, but all in all I think it went well. Now I’m thinking about running a contest for FanaticSpace. I can’t give away anything super-awesome. I don’t get free stuff thrown at me like John Chow does, at least not yet. ;)

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? What kind of prize would you like? What kind of contest? I’m open to suggestions on this.

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