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Public Domain Movies

Clap Board

Thanks to a Christmas stocking full of horror DVDs I began thinking about public domain movies. If I can get copies of public domain movies, I could offer ‘em up on FanaticSpace. Yeah, a lot of public domain movies are crappy, but there are some that are great. Even a few genre classics like Night of the Living Dead have fallen into the public domain.

While looking into finding some decent movies in the public domain I found at least 4 of the movies that were in my stocking on Christmas morning. No wonder they can sell 16 movies for $15, they’re using movies they don’t need to pay for. I’m not complaining, there are some good movies there. Which makes me think that offering movies on FanaticSpace could work. Continue reading

Halloween (2007) DVD Review


Michael Myers Then and Now 


I was looking forward to seeing Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween. I even wrote a post about how excited I was.  I thought Rob Zombie was good enough to take on a classic slasher flick and do it justice. Boy was I wrong.

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