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Forum Romanum Panorama - Photo by RAWKU5 @ SXC

FanaticSpace Forum Reboot

Forum Romanum Panorama - Photo by RAWKU5 @ SXC

Good News

The new FanaticSpace Forums are up and running now.

Our old forum was beginning to act strangely, so I had to shut it down and do some troubleshooting. After examining the options I decided to scrap it and move to a different board platform.

Better News

We’ve switched to forum software that more tightly integrates with the rest of the site.

Before the switch, the forums were a separate login, now there’s just one. Sign in anywhere on the site and you’re good to go.

I’ll be working on making the integration as seamless as possible, but that’s no reason to keep you waiting. The forums are open and ready for you to start posting your threads.

If there’s anything you would like added to the new forum, or the site in general, just let me know.

Forum Registration Fix

I know some people have had trouble registering for the forums. I’ve been trying to find the problem, and I think I’ve might have found it.

E-Mail Problem

This problem affected users who tried to register for the forum, but never received an e-mail to activate the account. I made some changes to the forum and it should now be working..

I apologize to all the people that this happened to.

Update: I went through the inactive users and had new verification e-mails sent out. Only 2 of them bounced. The e-mails must have had a typo, or they don’t exist. Either way, they couldn’t activate the accounts so I deleted ‘em.