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      The past week has been a wild time for Doctor Who fans in Great Britain.  Following a week of frenzied publicity and rumors, a record breaking number of viewers tuned in for the season finale on Saturday night.  The highly anticipated episode, Journey’s End, was the end of a two parter that is reported to be both exciting and shocking.  The unofficial numbers ranked this episode as one of the highest rated ever on the BBC Saturday nights.  Drawing in over 9 million viewers, it’s estimated that this episode attracted 45.9% of the total British television audience.  That means that nearly half of the people watching television on Saturday, were watching the season finale of Doctor Who.  Further figures indicate that after the episode ended, BBC 1 lost 5 million viewers  These impressive numbers will hopefully help ensure the series continued production for quite some time. 

David Tennant and possible replacement, Robert Carlyle

     The question is will star David Tennant be along for the ride?  Rumors are also running rampant that David Tennant intends to retire from the role of the Doctor and that the BBC has already approached Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle as a possible replacement.  Nothing has been confirmed as Tennant continues to remain vague on whether he will return to the role of The Doctor beyond 2009.  But the controversy raises an interesting question. How many times can the role be recast?  How many times can the Doctor be regenerated?

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