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Kat Among the Pigeons by Lazette Gifford

I’ve been on the internet for a long, long time (as long as you refer to the 1990’s as old, I guess)… and as a writer, especially a genre author, one of the first real “homes” I found on the web was the Forward Motion boards, and there I was not only introduced to the Great and Powerful Holly Lisle, but also the fantastic Lazette Gifford (Twitter – @LazetteG). Not only does she run the boards, Vision for Writers and is active on her blog and twitter, but she is a prolific and really fabulous author. I’ve become dependent on her to be a driving force to help my wordcount during Nanowrimo, as she usually works on multiple projects during that crazy month, while I usually squeak out just enough to win some years.

I jumped at the chance when I saw her tweet looking for reviewers for her new ebook, Kat Among the Pigeons (Available on Smashwords for $1.99).
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