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Heroes 303 “One of Us, One of Them”

As late as it is I decided to go ahead and post this Heroes recap. At least one of my theories for this season bit the dust. Though I still hold out hope for the Adam Monroe/Claire Bennet bloodline theory.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers ahead. This is an episode recap after all.
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Heroes Season 3 Starts with a Bang

The third season of Heroes started off with some surprising twists last night. Several are going to take a lot of explaining. While others may only need to be viewed from a different angle for their secrets to be laid bare.

I’m going to take a little time and look at a few of the questions that were raised, at least in my mind, by the 2 episodes last night. I’ll try to go into what I think of it now, and where I think it might lead. I doubt I’ll come up with anything on par with the Kensei Prediction, but we can have a little bit of fun talking about what might happen. Let’s get started.
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2007 Fall TV Lineup .

Well, it’s here. The days are cooler, kind of. The Halloween decorations are starting to show up in stores. It’s fall. That means the return of old favorites and brand spanking new TV shows.

Old Friends.

I can’t wait til Thursday. Brand new My Name is Earl and The Office. Yay! Those are two of my favorite shows. Back to back, throw in ER and it’s probably the best night of TV NBC has had in a long time. Well, since the season finale of those shows anyway. I’m particularly looking forward to Earl.

Familiar Faces.


The cast of Reaper.

As long as it’s more Clerks and less Jersey Girl, I’ll be happy.

There are a few new show I’m looking forward to. Reaper has been getting some buzz. I can understand why. Big names behind the camera, and familiar faces in front of it. You might recognize Bret Harrison from The Loop, a weird show about an airline. If you have better taste, you’ll recognize him as Brad O’Keefe from Grounded for Life, or maybe his short run on That ’70s Show. Yes, he was on That ’70s Show. He was the nerdy guy while Topher Grace was busy becoming a movie star. Even better news, sorry Bret, Kevin Smith is behind the camera. As long as it’s more Clerks and less Jersey Girl, I’ll be happy. My only problem with it is the time slot. It’s opposite The Office, so I’ll wind up recording it. It’s on Tuesdays.

The show centers around Sam Oliver, played by Bret Harrison. Turns out his parents sold his soul, and now he works for the devil. Well, part time, he also holds down a crappy job.

Sounds good to me.

Big Bang Theory

The cast of Big Bang Theory.

Two scary smart nerds with a sexy, dumb, neighbor. Classic TV.

Another show I’m looking forward to is Big Bang Theory on CBS Monday nights. I’d heard nothing about the show. The only reason I’m aware of it now is late night TV. Nope, not Jay or Conan. Infomercials. Well, the paid advertising spots that are normally filled with infomercials. I was flipping channels trying to find something other than a Girls Gone Wild ad and I found Big Bang Theory. They had actually paid to show an episode. It even had the “This was a paid program” disclaimer at the end. I don’t know why I haven’t heard about this show. It is hilarious. Well, it is if you’re a geek.

Two scary smart nerds with a sexy, dumb, neighbor. Classic TV. Doesn’t sound like much but the banter is dead on. Seriously, the dialog in this show rivals Joss Wheadon. Anyone who has seen anything Joss has done knows he is a master of dialog, so that’s saying a lot. I think Big Bang Theory can back it up.

Big Bang Theory also has someone you might recognize. Johnny Galecki, David from Roseanne, plays Leonard. His roommate Sheldon is played by Jim Parsons, who has been in Judging Amy and Ed, so I don’t recognize him. Kaley Cuoco, best known for 8 Simple Rules, plays the hot chick Penny. Those three seem to be the core of the show, but everybody was great when I saw it.

There is hope for TV this season.

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