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Masques: An Australian Anthology


Anthologies are only as good as the editor(s) selecting the stories. Keeping the work balanced and flowing well while offering enough variety is tricky business.

Think of it as music. You can spend days, or more in my case, adjusting a play list to get it just right. Adding new songs, removing others and deciding the order may not seem like a big deal, until that play list accidentally gets deleted. That’s when you realize how much work you’ve put into all of those decisions.

It’s not a job I would willingly take on, but I’m glad there are people crazy enough to do it.

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Red Dwarf Returns

Red Dwarf, the wonderfully funny British science fiction television show, is about to be resurrected for a new two-part episode by the British television channel Dave.  The digital cable channel is already home to much loved favorites like Red Dwarf, Coupling, The Catherine Tate Show, The Young Ones and many, many others.  This new episode is original programming that will air in the UK on April 10, 2009.  It will include the two-part episode as well as two other specials, including a making of video.

Red Dwarf Logo

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