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First impressions, the second season of Eureka.

Henry Deacon from Eureka.

It seems Henry wants revenge.

Eureka is back and changes are a brewin’. After only two episodes we’ve seen some big surprises. Nathan Stark is out of a job. Allison Blake is in charge, and her son is now connected to the Artifact from Section 5. Most shocking of all, Henry is turning to the dark side and he wants revenge.

Goodbye and thanks for all the smug narcissism.

Yep, Nathan Stark is paying for screwing up at the end of last season. He’s been fired as the head of Global Dynamics. Strike three, he’s out. I guess the accident that killed Henry’s old flame was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Of course, he’s screwed up quite a bit before that tragic event. As the head of Global Dynamics he was responsible for most of the stuff that made the first season so cool. I mean c’mon, some of the best moments last season were because something at GD went boom.

Take my wife. Please!

Adding insult to Stark’s injury, the person replacing him is his ex-wife Allison Blake. That’s got to sting. Allison has been promoted thanks to all her efforts at damage control. If you look at it that way, she’s the natural choice. She knows Global Dynamics and has had to clean up Stark’s messes enough times to know how to run it. What she doesn’t know might come back to bite her though. A short scene at the end of the first episode suggested that the mysterious “Artifact” from Section 5 has bonded with her son. I smell story arc.

Eureka on the edge of forever.

Henry and Sheriff Jack Carter were the only people to remember the alternate future from the end of last season. Makes sense, they were the ones who traveled back in time. Those memories were causing them problems. Sheriff Carter remembered his romance and marriage to Allison Blake. The only problem was, what he remembered wasn’t happening. Saving his timeline changed his future history.

Memory, it’s the first thing to go.

Henry was also having a hard time adjusting to his loss. Good thing he’s a super genius. Henry upgraded his memory eraser to remove the memories from the alternate future. Sheriff Carter was a bit hesitant about erasing those memories, so Henry caught him by surprise, ZAP! The Sheriff is back to normal. Then Henry smashed the device.

Dark side callin’ out, nothin’ is real.

It seems Henry wants revenge. He blames Jack Carter for the death of his love, Kim Anderson. She’s the one who died when the Artifact went supernova. Henry traveled back in time to save her last season. Unfortunately that change started to unravel the universe, so Sheriff Carter had to go back and stop him. I hope Henry has been working out, that’s quite a big grudge to hold.

As Eureka turns.

So it looks like Stark was knocked down a peg or two, Allison is the big cheese, her son Kevin holds the power of the universe, Sheriff Carter is back to his normal goofy self again and Henry is turning into Lex Luthor.

What a way to start a season.