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So have I mentioned Dr. Horrible yet?

OK, I promise. This will (almost probably) be the last mention I make of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog until next week. It’s just that stuff keeps happening and I’m so excited about it. Plus, we want to get the word out so that more and more people know. But, honestly, I do have other Whedony stuff to talk about. Really, I do.
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Something Positive.

Something Positive

This is a great webcomic. In fact I’d say SP is a great example of what a webcomic can be. There’s no way you’d see this in a newspaper, but it’s perfect for the internet. The humor can be a bit mean spirited and sometimes it’s downright cruel. Doesn’t matter though, it’s still funny.

If you’re offended by crude humor, cruelty or foul language. Do not read this comic. If you read it anyway, I warned you.

Scary Go Round

Scary Go Round

A little while ago I wrote about a short post about Scary Go Round, but I didn’t make it one of my “Today’s Links”. I hereby rectify that.

Scary Go Round is a wonderful webcomic that has imaginative stories and beautiful art. Read the archives and you can see how John Allison’s art has grown and developed. It’s the best comic on the Dumbrella web comic label. Meaning, it’s the only one I read regularly.

Amazing plot twist at Scary Go Round.

[tag]Scary Go Round[/tag], by [tag]John Allison[/tag], is one of my favorite [tag]webcomics[/tag]. Today he revealed a [tag]plot twist[/tag] on par with any Jedi’s genealogy. I’m not going to spoil it for you by posting a link to today’s comic. I will post a link to the first one.

Scary Go Round puts a group of friends through strange [tag]adventures[/tag], often with a [tag]paranormal[/tag] theme. It’s a lot of fun. I would imagine [tag]Scooby Doo[/tag] would have been a lot like this if it had been made in England. Except most of the [tag]creepy[/tag] crawlies here aren’t wearing masks.

If you haven’t read it, you should do yourself a favor and read through the archives.  It’ll take you a little while, this [tag]comic[/tag] has been around for several years. That’s a good thing, more comic goodness to enjoy. Oh, and don’t be frightened off by the art in the beginning. Like a lot of webcomics John improves his craft over time. He develops a very eye catching style over the course of Scary Go Round’s life.

 I envy those of you who will be reading the [tag]Zombie[/tag] Shelly story line for the first time.

 Read Scary Go Round here.