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Cover of State of Decay by James Knapp

State of Decay by James Knapp


Cover of State of Decay by James Knapp

From the cover…

They call them revivors – technologically reanimated corpses – and away from the public eye, they do humanity’s dirtiest work. In the near future, where a never-ending war drones on, they are the infantry. Back home, they sustain a black-market trade in labor and pleasure models.

Nico Wachalowski is an FBI agent investigating the revivor black-market. While undercover to bust a smuggling ring trading in revivors for the sex trade, Nico uncovers something far more sinister.

Someone wants to start a war, and the best front line troops are the ones that are already dead.
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8 Tips for Freeway Zombie Outbreaks

(Eternal) Rest Stop

Zombies Ahead Road Sign
Some Texas motorists have been surprised to see road signs with very strange messages lately. The signs have been warning of zombie outbreaks. More than likely this is the work of individuals with more humor than sense.


Just in case it isn’t the work of stoners after a George Romero Marathon, we at FanaticSpace.com would like to offer a few road safety reminders.
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