Writing Positions Open

FanaticSpace has been a one man project for a while now, but I’ve decided to open the doors. It’s time to allow others to sign on and help make this a site we can all be proud of.

Mercedes Typewriter

What we’re looking for.

FanaticSpace has positions available for fans with a basic grasp of grammar and technology. The grasp of technology is optional. What we’re looking for are fans who love to talk about their interests. Everything else is negotiable.

Not interested in a commitment?
Try a Guest Post.


What’s in it for you?

FanaticSpace will allow you to run ads on your posts and in the sidebar. On pages that you’ve written, most of the ads will be yours. The ads will be from your accounts with ad providers such as Google Adsense, or affiliate ads such as those from Amazon. FanaticSpace serves ads based on who authored the page, so once your ads are set up, all you need to do is write about what you love. That puts you in control. The more you talk about the cool stuff that you love the more likely it is that you could be making some money. Just have fun and let the ads do the work.

Some ads won’t be accepted.

With the wide range of topics discussed on FanaticSpace there should be no problems finding ad programs you can sign up for.  If you’re not sure about something, just ask. There are a few things that are not acceptable. The obvious ones are adult themed products and ads. This covers themes that are sexual, gambling related or otherwise mature in scope.

No sponsored posts, link selling or ads in the post area. We don’t have anything against those practices, but some people do. We want FanaticSpace to be open, accessible and most of all welcoming to as many people as possible.

Updated on June 8, 2008: This does not include affiliate links. The part about “ads in the post area” is referring to AdSense blocks, or other similar programs. Affiliate links to Amazon and other sites are perfectly fine. 


Fine Print

So what’s the catch? What do we want from you?

Original content.

It doesn’t matter if you write for other blogs, that’s cool. We do not want you re-posting something that’s already somewhere else. We’re not asking for exclusivity forever. We don’t want all of the rights to your writing. We just want to be able to continue to use what you write here.

Anyone interested?

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